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Training & Self Learning


Non-Fiction Nutrition - e-Course


This e-Course will set you up with the practical fundamental nutrition knowledge that every food-eating human being should know. If you are overweight, have low energy, diagnosed with diabetes...this is for you.


After all, we put that ‘stuff’ into our bodies!

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2 Year Part Time Integrated Naturopathic Nutritional Medicine Diploma


This is for the more serious folk, keen on either becoming an integrated naturopathic nutritional therapist and coach. Fed up with your current job? Want a change of 'career'? Or want to study for the pure love of naturopathic nutritional medicine. The 2 year part time diploma integrates nutritional medicine, coaching and Rapid Relief Homeopathy, a powerful 21st century combination.

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Functional Tests

Test to be ordered only in conjunction with a Nutrition Session. For Existing Clients / Immediate Family Members.



Botanical blends to gently nurture, energize, detoxify and support your MindBody without the synthetic chemicals or neutraceuticals as in the ebook.

Herbal Medicine
What are they?
How do they work?
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