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Follow Up Appointments

Are you an existing client or immediate family member?

Book your follow up appointment with Khush here!

Kindly note:

Khush is no longer taking new clients except for clients that are immediate family members of current/returning clients. If you're a new client, please book via our team of professionals.

1. Book a session

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Want to order a Functional Test too?
Nutrition Follow Up
Homeopathy Follow Up
Functional Test

If you'd like to order a test with your Nutrition appointment:


  1. Book a Nutrition Session (£125)

  2. Complete the Health Profile Form

  3. Select test and pay for test

  4. On payment the test will be posted out to you with all instructions, including how to collect the sample and where to post it

  5. Once results are received you will be notified by email

2. Add functional tests

All functional tests below are a tool in helping me provide you with the most personalised nutritional programme, this includes food, nutrient supplements (incl. cell salts), stress management and lifestyle interventions. We offer various tests which we believe are the most useful and valuable depending on your health goals. If you do not see a test that you would like, do drop us an email as we can order other tests such as lipogram, mold toxin profile, homocysteine, ceruloplasmin etc.

Adrenal Stress Test Follow Up
DNA Testing Follow Up
Sex Hormone Test (DUTCH) Follow Up
Fatty Acid Profile Test Follow Up
Gut Test Follow Up
NutrEval Test
Organic Acids Test (OAT)
HTMA Follow Up
Blood Test Follow Up
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