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Hello, I'm Khush!

BTW Khush means happy in my mother tongue

Dr Khush Mark PhD
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BSc Pharmacology & Biochemistry | MSc Molecular Pathology & Toxicology | MS Clinical Nutrition | PhD Oncology | Licentiate in Homeopathy

My mission is simple,  “to empower you live the healthiest life you are capable of”.  I like to keep health simple, with or without tests, with or without supplements, with or without homeopathic remedies. We can complicate it all or just get to the 'nitty gritty' without the overwhelm. 

People, nowadays tend to be overwhelmed with information.  Many are looking for that magic pill, that magic diet, that magic protocol. You have the magic within you. It has just been suppressed, confused, overwhelmed, ignored, and in some over-complicated.



Nutrition is about what you eat, when you eat, how you eat and what your body does with what you eat.  I offer various tests such as gut microbiome test, Organic Acids Test , Stress test, DUTCH, Genetic etc in order to personalise your nutritional health programme. I am more naturopathic in my approach and believe nutrition is medicine and therefore food plays the centre role. 

Homeopathy is a form of ultra-low dose medicine. It triggers the body’s innate healing. Homeopathic remedies work a bit like sending a text message through the biochemical and energetic matrix (the body wide web) and then the body responds accordingly.

Functional Tests & Blood Tests

TestsI believe in test not guess. Tests offered include, Blood Test Analysis, HTMA, Metabolomix Test , Gut Test , DNA testing, Adrenal Stress Test, NutrEval Test, Fatty Acid Profile Test and Sex Hormone Test (DUTCH).

Green Goodness

How I Can Help...

I love what I do, and do what I love. I also enjoy integrating my scientific background with all that I offer and do as a practitioner. 

I am fascinated with this body of ours and I share  BLOGS around this subject, feel free to browse the website and read at your own leisure. To satisfy this fascination I continue to learn and integrate my ‘learnings’ into practice, so when you book with me,  you will find that I am passionate and thorough in my 'work'.  I am a firm believer in that ‘knowledge is power’  and I aim to empower and educate my clients so they are more informed about their health choices.

Fat Doesn't Make You Fat e-Book Liver Gallbladder Cleanse e-Guide

I look forward to being of service to you and yours,

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