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The immune system is a key system that ensures that ‘toxins’ especially microbes do not overcrowd our body and result in ill health. To do a fever is part of the body’s healing mechanism. We do not want to suppress a fever, however, supporting the immune system with some nourishing botanicals as well as immune supporting adaptogens helps the body to keep these ‘invaders’ in check.


This specific immune tonic has also some nourishing vitamin and anti-oxidant rich vitamins and minerals. The immune system is also suppressed by stress which is registered through the nervous system, so like any of these homeobotanical blends, we have added in some nervosus system nourishing ad supporting botanicals.


Some of the botanicals include our favourite immune ones like goldenseal, baptisia, garlic, reishi mushroom and we have also added in some blood cleansing ones too.

Immune Tonic

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