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The Liver Rejuvenate is for those that are living in ‘toxic mode’. This means, living on stimulants, so poor eating habits, lack of water intake, increased refined carbohydrate consumption and lack of any form of movement. You also maybe a smoker or a caffeine ‘addict’.


So you want to rejuvenate the overburdened liver and also it’s close encounters such as the kidney, gallbladder, lymph etc. BUT get physically moving too…nothing beats movement when you need to get some toxins shifting and at the same time getting that lymph moving too. In this blend there is a mix of over 25 botanicals some are key botanicals to support the central nervous system as the body will still see these as ‘danger’, remember that wild bear in the jungle? Some of the botanicals in this blend include lavender, valerian, hops, these ease tension in the nervous system. Others include cleavers, Pau d’Arco and also burdock. Burdock (traditionally known as a blood purifier) plays a key role in the drainage of the detox organs.


Just go low and slow an get your body ‘clean’ and oozing vitality.

Liver Rejuvenate

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