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The Liver Tonic was blended for those of you who are generally conscious about the MNDBODY and your nutritional intake. This dynamic blend stimulates drainage and supports the purification of the body from chemicals such as heavy metals. It basically nourishes the liver as well as boosts the liver’s close buddies such as the lymph and blood ensuring elimination and not re-circulation.


This tonic contains a whole host of botanicals some of which include celery seed that supports the elimination of toxins especially acids, alfalfa that nourishes and aids in nutrient metabolism and assimilation (this is key because as toxins leave the body they need to be replaced with good nutrients) Mexican sarsparilla that supports the drainage of toxins. Others botanicals include milk thistle, globe artichoke, dandelion root…basically lots of nourishing support as well as synergistic, dynamic and physical action.


This is ONLY recommended if you are a clean conscious eater with reduced exposure to chemicals..otherwise, the liver replenish or rejuvenate would suit you better.

Liver Tonic

  • Once purchased, all products such as e-courses, e-books, homeobotanicals are non-refundable.

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