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 Note: This test must be ordered with a Nutritional Medicine appointment booking. 


This test provides valuable information into digestive function, intestinal inflammation and the intestinal microbiome.


The test includes: digestion/absorption markers such as pancreatic enzyme, feral fat, inflammatory markers such as secretary IgS, calprotectin and various microbes (bacteria, fungal and virus).

Gut Profile Test

  •  If you would like to order a Functional Test:

    1. Book a Nutrition Session (£125)
    2. Complete the Health Profile Form
    3. Select test and pay for test
    4. On payment the test will be posed out to you with all instructions as to how to collect the sample and where to post
    5. Once results are received you will be notified by email
  • Once purchased, all products such as e-courses, e-books, homeobotanicals are non-refundable.

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