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What others are saying...

I haven’t yet finished the course yet but I am beyond blown away. As a holistic nutritionist and life coach, I have done a variety of courses and so far NOTHING beats what I have learnt here from Khush. In the past, I’ve found some courses too scientific (with no nod to the whole body/mind/spirit connection) and then other courses too wishy-washy (without good science in the teaching), but this is the perfect balance. Serious science, which is perfectly intertwined with holistic teachings so that you learn about yourself and how to be the best version of you. I already want to go back and re-do the course as there is just so much incredible information, taught in the most beautiful way by Khush. People throw this description around too often, but let me tell you, whether you are a health professional or not – this course is life-changing. It should be taught in schools so that all of us can understand our bodies and how to get the best out of them so that we can live our best lives. Thank you so much Khush for this heart-centred, science-backed course – it’s the biggest blessing personally and professionally!


Since starting this course I am now sleeping through the night.

It was to do with urge incontinence and needing to always empty my bladder. Irritable bladder. So two way win for me. Sleeping really well and not seeing in the night. And REALLY appreciated. Years ago I was put on meds with no joy!


I have come a long way in the last 20 years. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. As a Homeopath, my healing, fortunately has been upwards because I have lots of fabulous healing tools in my bag! In 1994 I ran my last half marathon. By 1995 I couldn’t run any more. Yesterday, 15.12.17, I ran again. I didn’t run fast. But I ran a couple of miles. And I did the same and more today. What has made that difference to my energy levels has been feasting and fasting. I’ve done a month long course with Khush Mark and my body has altered. I have energy where before I had none. I have no pain where before I had a level which I thought was my norm. This has been the last bit to heal for me. I’m facing the year 2018 with a new vim and vigour!

S Johnston-Knight

Your course is literally transforming my health. I’ve tried so many different protocols in the last 5 years, but this one is bringing the quickest results ever. And best of all I’m learning so much – rather than just being told what to do, I’m understanding what’s going on in my body (and science was never my favourite topic). I knew quite a bit, but the way you are giving us the information just at the stage we need it is filling in all the gaps. I can literally feel the cellular impact of years of trauma dropping away. Despite a very emotionally rocky first 10 days of this programme, I can also report I’ve had no migraines for 12 days… which is amazing!!!! The tiredness I used to feel most days has completely dropped away and I feel so clear headed. Still got a way to go, but I’m so happy already. Thank you SO SO SO much. Xx


Tomorrow is the last day of the fasting & feasting course and I’ve just want to take the opportunity to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Khush Mark for putting this program together! It has been an astonishing 4 weeks for me: I lost an astonishing amount of weight, cravings, little rolls around my waist & hips and my small joint pains are gone…and even more astonishing was what my body did tell & teach me over this time – the foods which are good for me at what time of the day, the emotions I need to let get out and the understanding & self care I need to provide for myself. The journey was massively supported by my fellow divas in the Facebook group & most of all by Khush’s bitesize clear & concise videos of the day and her swift and uncomplicated responses to my questions and concerns! I can confidently say that I will keep up this journey & …..just bring the advanced course on for me please!

Iris Hay

Anyone toying with the idea of signing up, just do it! I can honestly say, as a health practitioner also, what you will learn about your individual bio chemistry is mind blowing. You will be taken on a journey that is such a revelation. I am experiencing major shifts in my weight and hormonal health. I am clearer in my head and in my heart about the direction in which I want to go. It’s a steal at this price for Khush’s experience, knowledge, support and care.

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