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 Note: This test must be ordered with a Nutritional Medicine appointment booking. 


A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) looks at your overall well being using the relationship between minerals and health. HTMA is my bench mark tool to be able to individualise your nutritional programme, as we are all biochemically unique.


What's the HTMA process?

Once you have booked an HTMA online (I suggest you book at LEAST 2 weeks ahead of time) you receive an automated email with a Zoom link for your consultation and another email with directions on how to send off your hair sample. TWO emails in total. Check that you have received them, if not check junk/spam folders and add the email address to the recipient’s list. 

Once you have sent your hair sample to the lab, we receive confirmation that your sample has been received

It then takes anywhere between 10-14 working days for the raw results to arrive from the laboratory to us

On receiving these results, the raw data is analysed and interpreted and you will receive an email with the raw data

We go over and discuss your results in a 60-minute zoom session that you booked when you paid for the HTMA online

Following this 60-minute session, you will then receive a personalised report that that takes into account the hair results, the 60-minute session, and your health history.


What does HTMA record?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a very simple test that uses the hair from your scalp. Nails can be used if hair is not an option. The HTMA test is non-invasive and unlike many tests it is affordable for the depth of information that it provides.


HTMA provides information on:

- At least 20 minerals
- Deficiencies, imbalances, and toxicities
- Dietary issues
- Carbohydrate tolerance such as low blood sugar
- Lifestyle imbalances such as stress
- Gland health especially the adrenals and thyroid
- Digestive health
- Toxic metal status suppressed or exposed
- Psychological and emotional stress


In essence, the HTMA test allows your nutritional plan to be tailored to your unique requirements. There is no ‘one size fits all’ DIEt plan.

HTMA (Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis)

  •  If you would like to order a Functional Test:

    1. Book a Nutrition Session (£125)
    2. Complete the Health Profile Form
    3. Select test and pay for test
    4. On payment the test will be posed out to you with all instructions as to how to collect the sample and where to post
    5. Once results are received you will be notified by email
  • Once purchased, all products such as e-courses, e-books, homeobotanicals are non-refundable.

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