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Workshop October

Hi Everyone, this is a quick message to let you know that I am running a naturopathic weekend course on Saturday and Sunday October 18th and 19th  in Kingston Upon Thames.

It is the time of the year when winter is fast approaching and colds, flus, respiratory issues can be a nuisance. Why not come and find out how you can build your health and improve your and your loved ones well being.

I have been running courses for the public and medical profession for several years and this is the most popular. Here are the details……

Where? …in Kingston upon Thames (main line train station is Kingston Upon Thames, 25 minutes form Waterloo)

When?  Sat 18th and Sunday 19th October. From 10am-4.30pm

Why? ….I started running these courses due to demand by friends, families, students etc. The goal is to spread the knowledge that naturopathic medicine works and you can use it in your home. How one can avoid drugs that intoxicate the body by over stressing the detoxing organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the bowels, the skin etc. You can feel confident and empowered to be able to use  naturopathy and homeopathy at home to help with various ailments at a lower cost financially and huge benefit for long term well-being. The course is a small intimate setting than the large informal conference rooms. Health crisis issues such as increasing antibiotic resistance (this was not the case in the past) diabetes, obesity, cancer, eczema, asthma and infertility are on the rise due not only to lifestyle choices but ill advise. Such ill advise includes switching to sweeteners if diabetic, reduce fat intake if overweight, have the flu jab to avoid the flu, unfortunately the list is endless. In such cases naturopathy can be hugely beneficial. Why not come along and find out more as to how to boost your health, how to use natural remedies and how you can help yourself and your friends and family.

How Much?….£75 for the whole weekend.

Ailments will include headaches, flu, fatigue, joint pain, fevers, colds, coughs, chest infections, migraines, sinusitis, ear aches/infections even hang overs!  to name a few.

I myself have ‘supported’ people with bronchitis, chronic coughs, asthma, migraines, arthritis, puncture wounds, autism, ADHD, eczema, Irritable Bowel Syndrome etc…without the need for traditional pharmaceutical medications

Some of what will be covered… A brief History of Naturopathy What is the difference between Naturopathy and Traditional Medicine? Why do we fall ill? What can you use instead of drugs such as paracetamol, acid reflux pills, migraine tablets, hormone pills etc Is it all safe? Iodine and why it is important? Vitamin D, a hormone, an anti-depressant and a bone building vitamin Blood tests…which ones and why? Forget cholesterol, I will be discussing, tests that include C –reactive protein, Homocysteine and why these tests can save lives.

Here is some feedback form previous courses…. ‘ Thank you for such a positive weekend, I can not believe how much I learned and how much I did not know about the alternatives to the pain killers that I had been using.  I am hoping my husband will come to your next course’  Kate from Kensington 

‘Khush I just wanted to let you know I used the Nat Mur for my migraine and I am shocked that it cleared within 5 minutes of taking the remedy, is this normal?’ Clare from Richmond 

‘Gosh the iodine made such a huge difference even my hair stopped falling out as well as the cysts shrinking’  Joan from New Malden

‘What a fabulous informative course, you were so engaging and patient with me and all for a smidgen of the price of the corporate lectures we get in Canary Wharf..thanks Khush’  Emma from Canary Wharf

‘My husband is now insomnia free, thanks for the wonderful informative weekend course’  Debbie from Essex

‘I just wanted to let you know that I have never ever been through bronchitis without taking antibiotics, thank you! ‘ Anna from Notting Hill

‘Thank you Khush, the Silica from the kit did the trick, her conjunctivitis has completely gone, wish I had known this when Jack was a baby he could have avoided the antibiotics’ June from Kingston

‘Everyone needs to come on this course…if only I knew all of this when I was a teenager! …my skin problems would have resolved as well as my hormonal issues, better late than never.’ Vicki from Tunbridge Wells

What next?…if you would like to book let me know as soon as possible as it will be first come first serve and places will be confirmed on payment only.

If you have ay other questions do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you soon



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