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Homeopathy 101 e-Course

Hi everyone, 

I am excited to share with you about the ‘homeopathy 101’ webinar course. You will not be disappointed. 

 You  will learn how to help ailments such as ….

  1. Migraines

  2. Earaches

  3. Coughs

  4. Colds/Flus

  5. Injuries

  6. PMS

  7. Hay fever

  8. Sinusitis

without the side effects of medications and without spending silly amounts of money on expensive supplements? Instead we will be learning to use a very effective and safe form of medicine called homeopathy. We will be looking at what exactly is natural medicine, what is homeopathy, how do we look at the body in a more holistic way, what is disease? Why do we fall ill? Can we avoid falling ill? If so how?

On this course you will learn how to arm yourself to remedy various ailments using homeopathy safely and effectively.

Course Details. The course is a 4 week online course, one evening a week for 4 weeks. These sessions will be live and up to 1.5 hrs in length. You will also be added to a private FB group where we will support each other not just during the course but you will have unlimited access to this private group following the course. I be will posting in this group and ensure everyone is achieving the most from the course, It will be fun, interactive and health changing.

During the 4 weeks you will also have access to a once a week live Q&A session on the private FB group hosted by yours truly, ME! Here is the nitty gritty….

Dates: May 23rd and 30th, June 6th and 13th at 9pm GMT.  Cost:  £220 for the full 4 weeks and unlimited access to the private FB group

When signing up for this course you will also be entitled to 20% off  the 36 homeopathic remedy kit by Helios.  To get the utmost out of this course, the homeopathic kit is a must.  You will not be disappointed. Oh, if you miss a session don’t worry you will get to a recording of the session.

You will be investing in a course that will be informative, fun, interactive, practical and a benefit to your health…here are some quotes from previous course takers.

“I never thought I would be able to get rid of my headaches without my prescribed meds. Your course has been amazing, I wish I had done it in my 20s.”

“This course was more than I expected. Not only did I manage to use it on my toddler for his teething and fevers but for during my second birth, this time no gas or air and no mastitis, thanks Khush”

“Khush is an experienced and incredible therapist. The course is hands-on and empowers us to confidently use homeopathy for acute conditions. I’ve learned so much in just two days! Would totally recommend this to everyone. The cost of the course is totally value for money. I have saved more since doing this course as i am not spending loads on supplements and herbs”

“I have managed to stop my husband’s gout pain as it was coming on and help my neighbour who got food poisoning just after doing this course. I was so thrilled. You made the course totally accessible to all of us who come from different backgrounds and your passion for what you do just shines through in the course, thank you!”

“As a doula, this course is a must for every mum, every doula and anyone who values their health. You made the course not only practical and easy but fun and applicable to everyone. Please do more”

To book, email me at


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