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An e-Course for a Life Changing 2018

Hi everyone,

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! May it bring happiness, joy, love, peace and great health to you and all your loved ones.

Before I continue, I just want to say I have two FB groups set up for men and women. These groups are for anyone interested in empowering their health (mind-body) on the science of nutrition and ‘feasting and fasting’. So do come and join in…the image gives you an idea of the benefits of feasting and fasting and the e-course that is run monthly.

  1. men’s group is called fast, fit, 40+ men

  2. women’s group is called fast, fab, 40+

So do come on over and join in, it would be great to have you.


I am not one for new year’s resolutions or starting DIEts at the start of the new year, as they tend to just be a temporary ‘phase’. However, I am totally up for transformational shifts, be they physical or emotional through empowering people like yourself with sound scientific knowledge of the body and mind. So this is where my e-course comes in. It has been tested with life-transforming results and it is waiting for you.

People have been describing the e-course as life-changing, transforming, inside-out, outside-in changes…for more on what people are saying go here.  To get the information, knowledge and transformation that this course provides, you would need to read over a 100 books at least on health, then on the psyche, and then on the science of food and the body AND THEN you need to try and implement all that information and make it practical. Don’t worry, this course does it all for you.

These magnificent life-changing results are due to the fact that this course takes you through a step by step process with my support in the private Facebook groups set up specifically for this course. No stone has been left unturned, I guide you through this. The only warning is to be ready for change, your health will blossom from the inside-out and outside-in.

Usually, to get your body to this place of health and to understand your own body, it would involve at least 8-10 private one to one sessions which cost £1000 +. I was frustrated that clients were not achieving such results unless they could do the full sessions, it was also very time-consuming. BUT this is totally possible now for only £399. The course starts on January 8th and more details can be found here where there is also a video to explain it further if you are more visual and auditory like me 😉

The course is an e-course, I take you through the basics of the science of ‘feasting and fasting’ as you integrate it into your lifestyle. You will learn about food groups, how they impact your fitness, weight, hormones, your mind, your energy and more. The mind-body connection is where the magic happens.

During this 30 day course, you will be moving from a place of not just excitement about doing something for yourself that will empower every cell in your body, but something that will impact you until your last day on this precious planet. After all, what is more important than a healthy, strong, loving life?

You will learn about the science of autophagy (self-cleansing) and come to understand why the scientist who won the Noble prize for medicine in 2016 will have a mention in this course and how his discovery will take your health to a different level.

Every day, during the week you will receive a video (between 10-15 mins duration), not only to educate the grey matter on the ‘whys and whats’ of ‘feasting and fasting’, but also how to ‘feast and fast’. You will also be invited to join a private FB group and this is where you get more support from me on a daily basis. There is power in doing this as part of a community, there is no doubt about this.

Your makeup is like no other, so you will learn about your own biochemical individuality.  You will learn how to listen to your body and how to nurture your body. You will get those cells in your body vibrating at a healthy level so that you achieve balance.

I will be sharing about the hunger hormones, the haunting habits, as well as the standard popular myths about fats and carbohydrates and various DIEts.

On completing this course, you will no longer be a slave to fad DIEts, or the next superfood. Why? because you will be empowered, enlightened and healthier.

The feedback has been rather overwhelming but this is the cutting edge of the science of nutrition, see here for some of the testimonies.

To sign up for this course click here.  I hope to see you there. Any questions just drop a line to

To health!


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