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‘Weigh-less and detox’

Hi everyone, 

I am excited you want to know more about the ‘weigh-less and detox’ webinar series. You will not be disappointed. Without further ado ….

This webinar series will involve you being practical and getting real. Are you ready for this? If you are ready for a change and prepared to get healthy through weighing-less and detoxing, then this course is for you.

You will learn about why in the West with so many DIEts we have the highest incidence of obesity. We will learn about the myths of DIEting. We will look at some specific DIEts that have actually given the medical world so much ammunition to change the nation’s rise in obesity, diabetes, chronic ill health but this valuable insight is STILL NOT being integrated into our Health System. However, we will use this valuable insight on our journey to ‘weighing-less and detox’. All this will start from week 1, so no excuses, it is a ‘rubber hits the road’ course.

We will look at how you can balance blood sugar, boost your immune system and gain energy as you move through this course.

More importantly you will know exactly what is healthy eating and what is a fad so that you can be confident in your food choices.

As the course progresses we will look at implementing some detoxing. Now this does not mean following some crazy ‘withdrawal syndrome’ DIEt, BUT we will be detoxing as we learn about the impact of toxins on our health and hence weight. We will safely, reduce and eliminate them externally and internally. So, yes this knowledge that you gain will be translated into every day living, there is no point gaining head knowledge and not putting it into practice. We will look at some of our faithful detox organs and we will nourish and support them on this course. We will look at our forever resilient liver that constantly works day and night to keep us going without walking around as if we have a ‘hang over’.

You will be able to detox safely and easily during the course. Don’t worry you won’t be alone, you will be invited to a private FB group where you can ask questions and share experiences. We will encourage each other on our toxin-free, wholesome living journey.

Course Details. The course is a 4 week online course, one evening a week for 4 weeks. These sessions will be live and up to 1 hr in length. You will also be added to a private FB group where we will support each other not just during the course but you will have unlimited access to this private group following the course. I be will posting in this group and ensure everyone is achieving the most from the course.

Dates: May 22nd and 29th, June 5th and 12th Cost:  £220 for the full 4 weeks and unlimited access to the private FB group during the course

When signing up for this course you will also be entitled to 10% off any supplements or homeo-botannicals that may be recommended.

You will be investing in a course that will be informative, fun, interactive, practical and a benefit to your health…here are some quotes from previous course takers (who have done the course in face to face group settings).

“Khush has a knack of making something so complicated into something so simple AND practical. If you are thinking about doing this course, just do it! You have everything to gain apart from weight LOL”

“I went to the course with a friend who dragged me along. But I was blown away not only by what I learned but how much healthier I got. Before doing this course I was a so-called ‘expert’ in diets but I never really understood what I was doing and why. Even if you don’t want to gain energy, lose weight and detox, you may just enjoy the sheer learning. My kids are healthier due to this course’

“Before the course, I was a firm believer in calories and eat what you want as you only live once. I thought if you eat whatever you like as long as you burn it off, and drink lots of water, all is ok. I was an avid follower of weight watchers until I was diagnosed with ME. I found Khush’s course not only to be insightful but also practical. There were about 15 of us in the group and most of us were eating slightly differently following week 1’s session. Khush suggested some digestive support as she felt my digestive capacity was poor. Another lady was taking a whole load of supplements before starting the course and she only required some vitamin C or something. Khush is not a believer in DIEts, most of us had todo some check sheet work to find our food needs. I took some drops for supporting my stress glands and also did a colon cleanse. I am happy to say 3 years on I remain ME free. The course not only taught me how to eat for ME, but to listen to my body. I had no idea that our body speaks to us through symptoms”.

“I was struggling with yo-yo DIEting for most of my life. When I actually learned how food impacts my insides from Khush’s course, it was like a ‘wake up call’. I had no idea that food could truly be used as a form of medicine. The big one for me was the bit on the cell wall and good fat. I lost 1 stone after doing this course and still to this day I have not gained it back, but for me the biggest positive was the knowledge I gained and the boost in energy, I don’t get the energy dips anymore”

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