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“A Message From Your Pancreas”

I am so loyal, I take on so much of what you throw at me. For the past 30 or so years you have eaten that sugar-laden food, the cookies, the biscuits, the pasta, the bread, muffins, sugared drinks, late-night feasts in front of that screen which keeps you hostage to a sedentary lifestyle ….but I am so hardworking, I ensure that you do not shut down due to all that sugar coursing through your bloodstream.

I ensure it is efficiently and seamlessly removed from the blood into the cells. And the cells are so grateful as they can make that much-wanted ATP in the magic organelle we all envy so much, the mitochondria. Can you imagine having that VITAL ROLE of turning all that food into this currency that keeps you going? I respect the mitochondria, so I do my due diligence, I ensure that glucose gets to them as and when required.

However, I really need to tell you, I am struggling and I have been struggling for some time now, but you are not hearing me. even my best buddy the loyal liver is starting to drown in fat. Fatty liver is an ugly disposition. From what I can see, your liver is looking not too good, it is kind of disappearing in that fatty stuff, all because I have to get all that sugar inside the cells, so you can keep going.

And yes you had your blood tests done and they came out all fine, but I am creating those annoying symptoms so you can make some changes before the blood test results go haywire. That post-lunch fatigue, that craving a ‘pick-me-up’ through the day, that wave of fatigue that comes over you every now and then, that internal tremoring, those crippling cramps in the night…that’s is me trying to get your attention. I am not giving up so easily on you.

Why do you have to wait until your HBA1c levels are too high? Why do you have to wait for my buddy, liver’s enzymes to go too high? Why can you not make the changes now? Before all the chaos, before we are crippled? Don’t wait to lose your eyesight, don’t wait to watch your toes turn black…it really is not worth it and I really do not want to take you there, but I am struggling in here.

Initially, I could take it all, I could take on the muffins, the lollipops, the doughnuts, the candy, the alcohol even the crazy conversations you have with yourself of not being good enough, never feeling loved by your parents, not having enough money, never will amount to anything….I hear it all and I support you but you have to make some changes, this is not sustainable.

This metformin malarky is killing me. Not only does this drug deplete Vitamin B12 but it is shoving all that excess sugar into the cells, the cells are being fried with all the oxidation and inflammation due to this overload of sugar INSIDE the cell. Whoever invented these drugs have no REAL understanding of the community you have in here. We are a solid bunch of good ‘guys’, we do whatever we can to keep you well, but when you take that stuff, we are overridden, our wisdom is no longer respected. Their narrow focus is so riddled with seeing us in here as car parts, but we are not car parts, we each have a personality, a role, we have to ensure we are all well, as when one falls ill, it is a domino effect.

The powerhouses, the mitochondria are just about coping, their double membrane is so fragile, I am not sure how long they can keep producing the valuable currency, ATP. It is not looking good if you keep going like this. If I lose my best buddy, you will hear my cry, I will no longer be ‘tip toe-ing’ around your dietary abuse. I will make a stand even if it means you can’t get it up when you feel in that lovemaking mood (yep that will be me, as I control the sugar abuse), and if it comes to starving the heart from oxygen so much so that it has an ‘attack’ then that is the message I will need to give you. It is not easy watching you do this to yourself.

These 21st-century medications, are just killing me slowly, I have no quality of life in here, we are all dependent on each other, when one of us suffers we all suffer.

Take a look at yourself and ask yourself what can you change? How can you improve your wellbeing? That low energy, you are experiencing, that thirst, those HANGRY symptoms, that is me getting your attention, it is not to harm you but to alert you, that something needs to change.

Don’t ignore me here, I have known you before you were even born, you depend on me and the rest of the amazing crew that you are hosting, you can do this.

From your positive pancreas 🤔

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