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We Have Had the Wrong ‘Guy’

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

It is heart health month, ..still February,

Before i share this post, I would like to add any advise in comments provided by myself or others please check with your main health practitioner. I have some people commenting also about take this for this, that is not how medicine that heals works, that is how band aiding green medicine works. Allopathic green medicine abounds everywhere, have cold sore take lysine, have sore throat have some colloidal silver, have high blood pressure start celery juicing….the list is endless, you get the gist.

So you will all be familiar with ‘leaky gut’ or intestinal permeability, well we also have the leaky blood vessel. Similar kind of concept. So imagine your blood vessel is like a hose pipe, that inner lining has this protective thin layer called the ENDOTHELIAL GLYCOCALYX, I will refer to it as EG.

This EG protects the underlying cells of the blood vessel, it is a bit like having the out door wood varnished of your garden furniture. Once this varnish starts to wear away, ‘Houston we have some work to do’.

This EG is like that first line of defense, it is vulnerable to stress and blood flow. Imagine if you will, the bends on a highway, if you don’t reduce your speed, you could be in for a surprise, nasty surprise. This is where these blood vessels branch and are more ‘exposed’ to damage, think of stents, where do they usually go? In areas where there is the equivalent of turning a corner on a highway too fast. Of course there is ‘wear and tear’, that is called age-ing. We all age, whether we pop every anti-ageing pill going, inject hormones, inject stuff into our lips, necks, chin, bit of a ‘nip and tuck’ here and there…it is all temporary.

This EG provides anti-thrombotic (anti-clogging)and anti-inflammatory effects. Anti-thrombotic includes heparin co-factor II, it includes, thrombomodulin etc and anti-oxidant goodies include Superoxide Dismutase, this super duper enzyme also regulates something called Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is what the medication Nitroglycerine effectively boosts. You know that medication that is sprayed under the tongue to help with angina pains? Suddenly the pain goes away? Well this is what it plays around with.

But let’s just take a few steps back, …what can you do to prevent this angina stuff, to prevent clogging of the arteries, prevent damaging the precious EG?

You can reduce inflammation…YES you can, you absolutely can. Your body’s innate wisdom, has all the gusto to do it’s best for you, it has all the intention and is forever ready…but you have to take responsibility for the food on your plate.

Did you know the silent killer is SUGAR, forget focusing on the fats, the cholesterol, be it LDL, HDL, or any other DL….

It is called hyperglycaemia aka high blood sugar. This in itself starts to thin out this wonderful barrier the EG, it starts to impact cell to cell communication (imagine plugging out the wifi), it starts to create inflammation moving onto oxidation…all this is now a cry for help. That damage right there is asking for help, the EG it has been violated, it cannot take the abuse….it starts to ask for help. Imagine getting mugged out on the street in the night, you scream, holler, shout for help.

And who comes to the rescue? Who is there that comes in? Who hears the cries?

Yes you guessed it CHOLESTEROL….. woah! Cholesterol seriously? Wait, I thought this was the abuser? Wait, are you saying we have had the wrong ‘guy’ in prison? All sound familiar?

Need I say anymore? … how is it we have come this far, in so-called Western Medicine? How did this happen?

Wait, does that mean my low fat breakfast, that consists of oats, banana, sprinkle of seeds, and a dash of maple syrup is questionable? But I don’t have eggs, I don’t have bacon, I have cut out all fats, I cut out butter and switched to margarine, are you saying this is all questionable?

We have been living in an era of MIS-INFORMATION, mis-education, ….it takes 17 years for this information to land on your doctor’s door step.

Let’s not even go to the sugar free variety of foods and drinks…

Have a friend with a heart or blood vessels? Maybe share this with them.

More in the ebook HERE  

To Health!

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