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Long Covid: How about Terrain Theory?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Don’t you just love science….so far four factors have been discovered for long covid….

1. Viral load

2. Diabetes type 2

3. Certain auto-antibodies

4. EBV ( which glandular fever, mononucleosis)

So there is a concern that insurance companies are starting to decline insurance if you now have the above. I have a previous post explaining that for any science to actually get implemented into clinical practice it takes about 17 years….FACT.

So hold on, what about those with Lyme’s, with cancer, with PCOS, on medications, diabetes TYPE 1 (an auto-immune condition), endometriosis, psoriasis, will they be turned down insurance? What about those eating MacDonald’s, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts (remember that one?) will they turned down insurance?

So let’s go back a bit, what is the cause of ALL FOUR above?


1. VIRAL LOAD: Why is obesity not in there? It is well known that adipose tissue harbours this virus. So science has spoken, there are four factors…but there are many more….what about the food on your plate? A bit obvious right?

Why is nutrition not a factor? ..I hear the sceptics say ‘well you need a longer study’…really? How long a study do we need to show that the food on our plate is also creating disease.

What about the sterile factor? Imagine the babies born known as ‘lockdown babies’, (I find this term rather sickening), what type of start has their immune system had? Have they been allowed to get mucky, dirty to educate their immune system? …This in itself helps avoid auto-immune antibodies, if these babies are growing up in sterile environments then you have a FACTOR right there. STERILE ENVIRONMENT…do we have to wait for them to be adults to then see this as a factor?

What about the FEAR… this is not just my opinion, this is science. The psyche is connected to the nervous system, which is connected to everything in the body, every system in the body, from digestive (think butterflies) to endocrine (think hormones) ..

It is known as the PNIE system ..which actually is now out-dated somewhat but that will take another decade to reach your doctor’s prescription pad

PNIE should really now be like the PNIEDCM at least.


The question is what causes these four factors…why are they not being addressed? Why are they not all over the main stream media?1. VIRAL LOAD….so what is this about? Let’s check our adipose layers? Do we need to burn off a few layers? Do we need to look a

t the food on our plate? Do we need to start some exercise? Oh but wait there is a new trend, called ‘lockdown weight’. So how are we helping prevent type 2 diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is not only preventable it is REVERSIBLE…I do not care what you have been told, it is reversible (just implement the advise in my ebook and experience the reversal). The adipose cells will not be helping, lack of exercise will not help avoid type 2 diabetes.

If 80% of our immune system is in the gut, any one checking in on their micro-biome? Anyone looking at the mucosal lining of their whole tube from mouth to butt hole? We are being told to wear masks to reduce this viral load, but what about the mucus membranes lining this whole tube from one end to the other? What about water to lubricate the mucosal lining? Any MSM news article mention drinking water as you dry out your nasal passages and buccal cavity with the mask-wearing?

What about the vitamin A, what about the secretory IgAs in the mucus? How does the mask build these? It does not? It does not empower natural immunity.

2. DIABETES TYPE 2: no surprise there, so why is the doctor not qualified in nutrition, to educate his patient to get their own insulin receptors listening to their own insulin again, to totally REVERSE type 2 diabetes, oh wait, that’s because nutrition does not count at Medical School…those lectures are usually pretty sparse as how does that save lives? Nutrition should be the first prescription written on that prescription pad…the very side effects, no LD50, no half life, no kicks backs from Pharma with that prescription.

Oh and wait exercise makes your insulin receptors more receptive to insulin again…what about that on the prescription pad as the second prescription? Oh wait they closed the gyms, oh and then lock down weigh gain is a trend…Can you see the utter absolute ‘upside-down-ness’ of this whole ‘thing’?

Then to be told that science so far has discovered 4 factors linKed to long CV…no poop Sherlock.

Am I angry? No, I am passionate, maybe if I did not do what I do and did not see the mass dumbing down of real medicine I would not be so passionate.

3. CERTAIN AUTO-ANTIBODIES: I want to go back to the nervous system….

We have this system called the HPA axis (big part of the nervous system), the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis…this highway is king/queen, because our body does not have the ability to say ‘oh wait there that is not a real threat it is just a ‘thought’…it is just someone kind person wearing a mask, it is just a TV advertisement, it is just a movie. Sadly or not sadly, our brains are not wired that way…there is no ‘wait, it is not really a sabre tooth tiger in the jungle, so calm down adrenals, we don’t need the fear chemicals suppressing the immune system, we don’t need to run for our lives, you don’t need to allow the escape of auto-immune cells…just calm down’…This is not an option, the body before you know it is flooded with adrenaline and then the loyal side kick cortisol.

So what are these auto-antibodies? These are not just made overnight, the body does ‘lose it’ one day and decide to ‘turn against itself’, it is the environment, all those factors below in the soil (the terrain), that feed the nervous system, the immune system, the detox system, the cardio-vascular system.

Imagine new borns, they need to feel safe in order to develop a healthy nervous system, healthy immune system, healthy detox system…

Picture a new born or an infant who uses facial expressions to ‘feed his/her nervous system’ growing up with masked up adults, or parents or teachers obsessed with cleaning does this new born, this infant experience all this? Did you know that the parasympathetic nervous system (heal and repair system) that is vital in

development of the immune system (that is developing at a pretty fast rate in a baby) relies on facial expressions, it relies on the coo-ing of the mother, this makes the baby feel safe, which supports every other system to develop/grow with resilience. This is ALL HUMAN NATURE…two do you feel when communicating with someone with a mask? Can you pick up the cues? Then why should a baby who relies on the FACIAL expression to tell it’s inner world all is safe?

So then this baby is now 2 years old, starts kinder garden or nursery, watches carers/teachers wearing masks, washing their hands, sanitising the environment, keeping their distance … is this baby going to avoid auto-antibodies?

Let’s think of the morning Cortisol spike known as the CAR (cortisol awakening response); if one is not sleeping (insomnia from fear of the news, of the pathogen, not seeing a loved one, having lost a loved one, lost a job etc) which can lead to this spike is not happening then there you have another pre-disposition to long Covid…where in the news are you being encouraged to go to sleep onetime, switch off all artificial lights before 10pm and fast over night. Switch off the fear-mongering news? …In fact it is robbing the terrain.

If you do not produce this cortisol spike then the thymus does not get the message to stop all auto-immune cells from getting out? Our bodies are wonderfully and intricately made, every process is just pure magic, every biochemical process.

4. EBV (Mononucleosis/glandular fever) : …why is it only EBV what about suppressed chicken pox? Ask yourself the question who gets EBV? ….most of these people are the over-workers, no boundaries, usually A* students, perfection, needing control…what do you think their HPA axis is doing? Is it nourishing the terrain?

It is of no surprise there has been a shingles outbreak over the last two years, this is another virus that lies dormant, again will this take another 17 years?

What allows a dormant virus to create mayhem in one person and resilience in another? It is the TERRAIN.

All these four factors are connected, they are not separate.

So why not empower each and every person to build their health?

Perhaps the one and ONLY factor is the HEALTH of the TERRAIN? which means looking at the WHOLE…mind, body, soul.

So far nothing in main stream medicine or MSM is about building and/or nourishing the terrain.

To health!

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