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This Nutri Tonic is for everyday nourishment. It is like a multivitamin and mineral BUT in plant form so you do not have to rely on your digestive system being in tip-top shape right now. In general, we only absorb less than 40% from synthetic multivitamin and mineral supplements and then that also relies on your gut being in good ‘nick’.


The nutri tonic has over 20 botanicals ranging from alfalfa (that is also considered a superfood rich in various vitamins including A, D, E , K, the B vitamins, folic acid and minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorus) to nettle herb and nettle root through to grapeseed that is rich in anti-oxidants. And don’t worry, we have your ‘headspace’ covered too with some oats, passionflower and lime flowers as well as other nutritive botanicals in the blend.

Nutri Tonic

  • Once purchased, all products such as e-courses, e-books, homeobotanicals are non-refundable.

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