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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy if it could stop a virus or stop ‘X’ then it would not be homeopathy. WHY? because homeopathy is about healing, it is also about empowering and evolving our being, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Homeopathy does not ‘force’ anything to happen or not happen. So let me give you an example of an ‘everyday’ viral infection such as cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Now this virus can be ‘stopped’ arrested by traditional Western medicine, eg. Acyclovir. What does Acyclovir do? Well, it falls into the class of drugs called ANTI-virals. Basically, acyclovir blocks an enzyme called herpesvirus DNA polymerase which then prevents the virus from replicating and bingo, the virus has been STOPPED in its tracks.

Now this is all fantastic because it is an option and an option for that ‘acute’ moment/situation, that crisis. IT DOES NOT in any way empower the individual’s own ability to heal. It basically takes over the body’s innate healing wisdom and says ‘move out of the way, I have got this, but you sit back and watch BUT NOT LEARN’ and I will be back.

So back to homeopathy, if someone has herpes simplex, be it on the lips, nose, genitals homeopathic remedies are prescribed according to the INDIVIDUAL’s personal symptoms and history. This is why we do not have an ‘ANTI-viral’ in homeopathy. We have plenty of homeopathic remedies for herpes simplex, but they are not ANTI-virals.

Neither do we have anti-biotics in homeopathy yet homeopathy can clear UTIs, conjunctivitis, chest infections, sinusitis, ear infections, etc

So what are they? Well, let’s just go back and first ask what exactly is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that encourages YOUR body to HEAL. This always sounds a bit ‘naff’ to my clients and to me too actually, because it sounds like a ‘cop-out’, but give me a few minutes of your time……

A homeopathic pill is basically a pill (you may want to call it a magic pill, that is up to you) that provides the body with information. Now say I had herpes simplex and you had herpes simplex, we both have it right on the top upper lip and it is not a pleasant sight or feeling.

You may be prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Nat Mur and I may be prescribed a homeopathic remedy called nitric acidum. NEITHER remedy is an ANTI-viral but both will catalyze a healing response within the body.

It maybe that in my body the homeopathic remedy nitric acidum has shifted some deep-held resentment and the viral infection clears and in you the natrum muriaticum may just have triggered some excretion of a toxic metal thereby ‘waking up; the cytotoxic T cells to recognize the virus and start clearing it up.

NEITHER remedies have the same action in you or me, hence they are not called ANTI-virals, they are PRO-HEALTH. Homeopathy is PRO HEALTH. Homeopathy is about empowering the body to do the healing in whichever way the body’s innate healing ability ‘sees fit’. Homeopaths understand that your body does the healing, not the homeopath, not the actual pill itself. The homeopathic pill is the vehicle#paradigmshift

Not only that, when one takes an anti-viral agent the virus can come back. If you are prone to herpes simplex you will know this, the ‘breakouts’ keep occurring and we keep taking the anti-virals. WHY is this? because there is no empowerment of the body, the immune system, the detox system, the respiratory system, the central nervous system, the digestive system, the microbiome etc etc.

With homeopathy, no other organ such as the liver or kidneys or mucous membranes are ‘side effected’ whereas with anti-virals the liver, the kidneys, these MAJOR organs have to get the bi-products of the drug out of the body. With Acyclovir the renal clearance (i.e. kidney function) is key. Because homeopathy is a gentle form of medicine we do not have to be ‘cautious’ about the renal clearance or the half-life of the ‘remedy’ or the LD50 (lethal dose) or any other complications.

Homeopathy has NO battle with a dis-ease, it works with the individual to bring balance and harmony. So no, homeopathy does not cure CORONA VIRUS, nor does it STOP it, it empowers the individual’s INNATE healing ability to rise up and do the ‘magic’, the magic is within you, it is not outside of you. If we keep looking outside we will be disappointed and we will never understand homeopathy or our body’s innate wisdom to HEAL.

It is not an ‘abracadabra’ kind of medicine, it is a form of medicine that has the UTMOST RESPECT for LIFE. Homeopathy honours the vital force, it honours the individual, it honours nature, it honours mother earth.

So when someone asks can homeopathy cure X, no it does not cure X, your body does the curing, the homeopathic pill is the catalyst.


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