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What has sugar got to do with cancer?

It is sad to hear cancer patients being told by their oncological consultant that ‘nutrition has nothing to do with cancer’. One was advised that your nutritionist is ‘ill advised and not to waste money on such therapies’ …..

Did you know a PET scan that is utilised for detecting the presence of cancer cells involves injecting radioactively labelled sugar?

Why? because cancer cells take up more sugar than other cells…

Why? because they use it as their source of energy…

Why? to multiply and spread

Cancer cells are found to have more insulin receptors than ‘non cancerous’ cells. Sugar is internalised into cells by the help of insulin. Insulin has to attach to the insulin receptors to allow the sugar to get inside the cell. Once this happens various pathways are triggered, one of these pathways is to stimulate further growth.

Once cancer cells are established in the body, they depend on steady glucose availability in the blood for their energy. They are not able to metabolise significant amounts of fatty acids or ketone bodies, so they need sugar. This is why the so-called ketogenic diet is being advised in some progressive clinics..not only for those with cancer but those with epilepsy and obesity.

Has your oncologist ever mentioned cutting out sugar to prevent cancer growth?

If no, why? because most oncologists have very little training in nutrition during medical school….it is not that they are mis-informed, they are just not informed.

Enough about cancer and sugar….

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