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What Has Strep To Do With Anxiety and OCD?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Hi there,

I wanted to share a recent case after a client approached me through social media. She had read about PANDAS and strep throat and antibiotics and more than any mother should have to who has no medical background BUT she was not getting any help.

Her 4,5yr old son had regressed into a boy with tics (blinking and at the same time ‘twitching’ his arm) OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) in that he HAD to have his shoes and socks on just right. The socks could only be black or white no in-between, no patterns, they had to be ankle length. He started to have ‘tantrums’ due to the intense anxiety he was experiencing. At nursery he would become ‘aggressive’ towards other children in the class when he felt ‘threatened’ by being told to he had to go out to play and could not stay inside. This was a total change in his character.

Rewind a little, this child has been born to a mother who had IV antibiotics during birth, she had antibiotics for mastitis and later anti-fungals for thrush. Although Harry was absolutely fine, he was slightly slow in his speech development and walking compared to the ‘average’ child but no big deal, his mother commented that he started to tip-toe again (this can be an indication of sensory overload in a child).

Mum got strep throat just a few weeks before Harry started to regress. She got him tested for strep and it came back negative. She had read my article about PANDAS after searching on the internet for strep and behaviour regression.

It was pretty obvious Harry was showing signs of PANDAS, in other words strep associated symptoms. Just because blood tests and swabs came back negative does not mean Harry did not have strep. A mother’s instinct means more than a test in such cases.

So without hesitation, I detoxed Harry using homeopathy and some organ drainage for strep alongside a bowel nosode called ‘proteus’.

After two sessions (that is 4 weeks), not only did ALL of his symptoms clear, his speech had developed so much that he was no longer considered speech-delayed by ‘nursery’ and he stopped tip-toe-ing. This is not miraculous, it is just the body healing as it is given the right ‘information’.

Sometimes, we have to go beyond traditional tests, listen to our gut instinct and seek out professional help from a naturopath/homeopath who can support your child using natural methods specifically tailored to your needs, not the ‘needs’ of ‘one size fits all’ approach. As a homeopath and naturopath, I look at the individual in front of me and their ‘story’. No one else has the same story, so another child or individual may not get the same remedies for the same ‘condition’.

Strep can be alive and kicking even if tests show up negative, these microbes are clever enough to hide so they can reproduce and spread their ‘power’. Antibiotics can also suppress these bacteria for them to only present themselves a few months to years later.

If you would like to book an appointment or want to do a detox from either medications or vaccines or strep, drop me a line at 

To health!


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