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What Has Bile Got To With Hormones?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Did you know gall bladder removal is more common in women than men?

So what is going on here? Men tend to ‘go for gout’ and women for the gall stones.

BOTH conditions involve LIVER imbalances. Have you ever known anyone to have their big toe surgically removed due to the excruciating pain caused by gout? But yet we have gall bladders removed due to gall stone ‘pain’. I am not saying it is the same, but the root cause is not being addressed.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is one of the key components of bile. PC can be converted to choline and choline can be converted into PC, both are vital for liver health and are also important in the prevention of fatty liver AND ESSENTIAL for the production of HEALTHY bile. Choline and/or phosphatidylcholine keeps the bile smooth and of a healthy consistency.

So what is the connection between hormones and gall bladder issues? The gene responsible for phosphatidylcholine production is called PEMT (Phosphatidylethanolamine N Methyl Transferase) and this gene is partly regulated by ESTROGEN!

So when we have low estrogen levels OR levels of estrogen that are out of balance the incidence of gall stones production rises because the production of PC reduces.

The likelihood of developing gall stones increases with:

– use of the birth control pill – HRT – Peri-menopause – Menopause – Post menopause

So add in choline-rich foods to your HEALTHY diet. These include shiitake mushrooms, lentils, egg yolks, organ meats, beets, asparagus, legumes, every single day, in even every single meal. Not the same food in every meal (of course), as variety is the ‘spice of life’ 

Also working on addressing fatty liver is fundamental in the long run, it can take time but it is so worth doing. If you have fat around the middle area, then you more than likely have a fatty liver, tough to hear but it is very common in Western society due to sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, alcohol intake, a love for carbohydrates of the white variety. So if if you have not read my ebook, then you may just want to gift yourself with it and read it and take in all the goodness and knowledge and boost your health.

Simply, eat well, eat clean, drink good quality water, move, laugh, dance, breathe, do what you love and watch your health improve.

Fatty liver can also be addressed by taking choline supplements or sunflower lecithin but ensure it has not been ‘GMO-ed’.

From today, you can also purchase my Cleanse eGuide and start the 3 stage process.

There is no rush to get through the cleanse, I am a firm believer in lifestyle medicine and not ‘new year detox’ or a short term fix, and then back to unhealthy eating.

If you have gall stones then I would encourage you to work with a nutrition practitioner who is an expert in this field of gut health as you embark on this cleanse. It is well worth saving your gall bladder (for more information). This organ is more than a little sac that is involved in ‘the emulsification of fats’.

To healthy hormones!

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