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Tired Of Chasing Symptoms?

Have you ever asked the question when you get a symptom like a headache, to a wart or a spot or a cough…’just why is my body producing this symptom?’  Before you read on …just have a think the last time you had a symptom OR if you currently have a symptom, it may be a chronic condition such as fatigue or diabetes.

Naturopathically, we view symptoms as the body’s way of saying ‘hey there friend, I am producing a headache as the liver down here wants a break and some ‘me time’.  The over burdened loyal liver is trying to clear out all these toxins you have consumed over the years’ but has gotten to a stage of ‘fatigue’. Dr Jeffrey Bland a well known nutritional biochemist says that we all have an ‘organ reserve’. We can use up this organ reserve a bit too early when living quite ‘hard’.

So taking a pain killer to eradicate the headache is not addressing the ‘root cause’ of the headaches. Actually by taking a pain killer such as tylenol or paracetamol you are effectively saying to your liver ‘I don’t have time for your whining right now and I am drowning your whining with this pain killer’.

We are actually suppressing the symptoms. The liver feels unsupported, not listened to and the headaches will continue to come and go (come and go with help of pain killers) as the liver feels the need to ‘rant’ in order to keep your body going. 

The naturopathic approach would be to ‘listen to the liver’ and address the ‘whining’ maybe through some detox  programme or by taking some liver support nutrients or homeopathic remedies.  The approach would be unique to each individual. In essence this route will clear the headaches once and for all.

Are you experiencing symptoms that are unhealthy? Have you ever considered looking at healing your body naturopathically? ..It is never too late! Why not book a session or a chat to see if a naturopathic approach will help you improve your health?

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