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The science of healthy longevity

Hi everyone,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the start of a new season with its beautiful colours. I have some exciting news as we come into the autumn season here, which may explain my radio silence.

I am launching my first online course in order to shatter some myths about nutrition and to empower women who are nearing the age of 40yr to 40yr+. I have a video link below to a course I am launching as well as the link for signing up to the course, see below.

Going through hormonal changes myself, I was absolutely relieved to not only get my sleep back as the hot flushes disappeared but to get back to my energetic self again and not to mention losing that extra weight that was gathering space. I was at a loss, I was eating well and doing all the ‘right stuff’ until I delved into the science of ‘feasting and fasting’ and just put it into practice.

I am now implementing the cutting edge science on ‘fasting and feasting’ in the clinic and seeing significant results which I had not seen before with other approaches.  By following such a lifestyle, clients are not only shedding weight, clearing diabetes II, improving their inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, thyroiditis, sinusitis, (basically anything with an ‘itis’) but also feeling more at peace with knowing there is science behind this way of eating. It is not a DIEt! I don’t do DIEts and have never recommended DIEts in my 17 years of working as a practitioner in the field of nutrition and naturopathy.

Would you like to lose some weight, or improve your overall health in order to avoid the age-related illnesses? Or just learn more about the science of good solid nutritional approaches to health? Then have a look here for the course details, if you prefer to watch it in video format then here is a link. All you require is an attitude to improve your health whilst getting empowered mentally and physically. The goal is set by you, and I navigate the journey with you. The FB group format will ensure we have buddies to interact with as we embark on this together.

During the course, we will be covering various aspects of ‘feasting and fasting’, these will include….

  1. The ‘hows and whats’ of feasting and fasting

  2. Weightloss, – it just happens

  3. The hunger hormones – how they can trick us

  4. Increase in human growth hormone (which increases 6 fold and is a fantastic anti-ageing hormone) , ‘I will take that thank you very much!’

  5. balancing the sex hormones which includes no more hot flushes

  6. Increased energy to the point that the first few days or so one can even wake up several hours earlier than usual (some say, they feel a sense of excitement)

  7. The clearing of the body that can make you feel you are slightly on a high

  8. The role of hormonal balancing in relation to diabetes, not just type I and II but type III

  9. Shifts in body temperature as your body starts to what I call ‘wake up’

  10. Empowering of the mind

So I want to just finish by letting you know, if you did not know already, that the Noble prize winner of medicine in 2016 was a Japanese scientist who discovered the ‘science of autophagy’. Auto-phagy basically means ‘self-eating’.

When auto-phagy occurs in the body it clears up unwanted waste, and research is growing weekly, to show how this occurs in the prevention of diseases such as Alzeheimer’s, Cancer, Dementia, basically any age-related illness. We will be looking into autophagy and how we can enter this exciting self-cleaning process as we journey through these 30 days together.

Do join my FB page KhushMark where I am posting videos and blogging on various aspects of healthy nutrition and I cordially invite all you women nearing 40yr or 40yr + to join my FB group ‘fast, fab, 40+’ .

Any questions, feel free to email me at

To healthy longevity


Khush Mark (PhD)

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