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The Root of Hay Fever

Hi everyone,

It is that time, when some of us start experiencing so-called hay fever (slightly delayed this year due to the unusual cold spring)….Before you start on the anti-histamines or the steroids …have you ever thought about alternatives such as homeopathy, nutrients and herbs? They do not cause drowsiness or irritability or even hyperactivity unlike some of the traditional ‘hay fever’ medications.

So what to do?

Well, primarily your hay fever may be addressed with remedies to help alleviate the symptoms, such as a specific homeopathic remedy along side some Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant, probiotic etc. However, the goal is to address the underlying cause so that your immune system no longer has ‘tantrums’ during the wonderful seasons of spring and summer.

Is this possible? You ask…Sure it is! Usually we look at the whole person, well not usually but ALWAYS…so here is an example of a pretty miserable (he was when he came to see me, a common symptom of hay fever, misery) client Mark aged 39yr who developed hay fever 4 years prior to seeing me. He had started on anti-histamines which helped him cope but he could not ‘deal’ with the side effects. He felt ‘drugged’ (no pun intended) and still felt cold and tired (two of the many symptoms of hay fever), he then went onto nasal steroid spray two years into his hay fever as the anti-histamines were no longer keeping his symptoms at bay.

So what was done for Mark…

His hay fever was easily controlled with the mixed pollen homeopathic remedy and some nutrients which included some potent anti-oxidants. However, this was just palliating his hay fever, in other words if he did not take the remedies he would experience all his hay fever symptoms. So along side his acute remedies, we dealt with the ‘cause’. The cause being the death of his fiancée after a car accident. The year leading to his hay fever, his fiancée was involved in a  horrific car accident and later died. His hay fever did not start until a few months after her death. Having prescribed him a major grief remedy and another shock remedy his body adjusted. In other words it (his body) let go of the trauma and his hay fever completed cleared and he no longer requires any remedies or nutrients during the so-called ‘hay fever’ season.

So what has grief got to do with ‘hay fever?’ you ask …Well his body went into ‘fight or flight mode’, the trauma of losing his fiancée was too unbearable that his body was not able to process it and it went straight into a physical symptom as an outlet.

Just because you may have hay fever, it does not mean that somewhere there if grief and shock lingering in your body…it is different for everyone.

Another example was of a teenage girl who had developed hay fever within weeks of having her HPV jab at school. The HPV jab was the traumatic trigger and this had to be addressed in order to shift her body into well being again.

The shock or trauma that MAY develop into the symptoms of ‘hay fever’ can vary dramatically such that each individual is treated uniquely.

Why suffer from not only the irritating symptoms of hay fever but the side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs? Why not get to the root of the imbalance and move onto a symptom free Spring and Summer season? To book an appointment click here or for a free skype chat click here.

To health and balance,


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