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The link between sinusitis and parasites

Steve a 33 year old client came to see me for his sinusitis which he had since the age of 22 years.  It was worse with the hotter weather. He was constantly ‘snorting’ and suffered headaches on a regular basis, which at times were crippling and he was taking more days of sick from work and his wedding day was fast approaching. He had been on antibiotics on and off for most of the last decade due to the sinus ‘flare ups’ but they were no longer proving effective.

His sinusitis symptoms started when he was at university. And he put it down to stress at University and not living in very clean ‘digs’ with the dust building up.

However, prior to these symptoms he had spent a year travelling around Asia. He had decided to take a year out and have a break. He did get a few irritable digestive symptoms but nothing to have to ‘write home about’.

Having gone through his primary session, we decided to start with a parasite cleanse. Steve not only had a chronic case of sinusitis, he also had abdominal bloating after meals, excess wind and belching.  I have to add he was not too keen on a parasite cleanse but at the same time he was ‘more keen’ on getting well AND he did not believe he had any parasite issues. Traditional belief is that parasites are only an issue in more tropical climates.

A week into starting the parasite cleanse Steve also started a colon cleanse as he was finding some unwanted guests in the lavatory and he was feeling a bit disturbed. Within 4 weeks of continuing with the cleanses, not only did his digestive symptoms clear up but his sinusitis has abated.  He has not had a single headache since starting the cleanse.

Why cleanse or detox? Is it just not something that the A-listers do and those with serious ill health issues such as cancer.  Was it just a fluke…no pun intended. For more details on detoxing click here.

To health!


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