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Tell Me More About Homeopathy

How many pills, how many times, for how long?

Sometimes in homeopathy, the language is a bit out-dated. Homeopathy tends to use words like miasma, ‘law of the minimum dose’, granules, aggravation, succussion etc BUT the medicine is way ahead of its time, do not let the language put you off.

It is of no surprise that some people ‘roll their eyeballs’ when/if we use such language or just switch off. In all honesty, it is the same in traditional medicine, I can sit here and type out complex words and terminology to describe something called the Kreb Cycle and bring in all sorts of enzyme names and co-factors, but what for? Who does it serve? Language is important and the language of homeopathy does stretch the grey matter somewhat.

When I first embarked on studying homeopathy, I was so frustrated with the language, at one point I was thinking of quitting. So let’s get to the language of dosing…after yesterday’s post I had some messages asking again about…

HOW MANY OF THESE PILLS DO I TAKE, for how long and how many times?

Firstly, I do not prescribe online through random emails and whats app messages, because to take a homeopathic remedy you match the symptoms to the remedy. I wanted to share a bit on dosing today.

Whenever you use or see these homeopathic pills, think INFORMATION, not DRUG OR MEDICINE or moles per liter (good old school chemistry) or micrograms or milligrams etc…JUST INFORMATION.

So, I will use a more recent case of a toddler that had been tested positive for the current virus. After taking the symptoms the homeopathic remedy that matched the symptoms was ‘Ant-tart’. He has a very rattly cough, but it is not productive, he is lethargic, keeps falling asleep as if in a drunken stupor and is feeling colder to the touch.

The mum was not sure about the dosing. Is it three pills three times a day? Or less or more?

In homeopathy, we take only ONE PILL each time, even if you take TEN in one go, it is the same as taking ONE, BECAUSE we are actually taking ‘information’, think of it as a text message to the body. You are not going to send 10 of the exact same message right? Are you?

The text message in the form of the ‘ant-tart’ pill may go like this,

‘hey guys, wake up, the alveoli are struggling there is so much congestion down here in the lungs, the brain is not getting enough oxygen, the cilia are paralyzed with the gunk, get that ‘gunky stuff’ moving, we need to get the oxygen levels up’

So the body responds to this text (the pill). It may ‘respond back’ like this…

‘Thanks for the message, we are raising a fever to burn off that virus and increasing perspiration and at the same time the cilia have more energy to brush that ‘gunk’ up and out, it is coming out of the nostrils slightly on the green side but better out than in and the cough will clear any last remnants, over and out’

So the toddler, gets a fever, snotty green nose, starts to cough that is now productive, he no longer sounds like he is drowning in his own phlegm, he is slightly clingy as he needs re-assurance all is ok but has more energy and smiley.

This INFORMATION/PILL messages the body whatever the body needs to do to re-establish HOMEOSTASIS i.e. balance. In order to restore homeostasis, the body may produce a fever, or a snotty green nose, or a wet productive cough. So the ‘gunk goes from a vital organ like the lungs into a lesser vital organ the nose’.

So you see, it is not about the number of pills taken at that one time.

HOWEVER, the FREQUENCY depends on the progress. So the mum gave her toddler, one pill of 200c Ant-tart, and by the THIRD PILL which was 2hrs following the first pill, the toddler had a fever but was so much better in himself. His breathing was no longer labored, he was no longer lethargic (oxygen circulating better) and had some food.

So the first pill/text message ‘triggered the healing’ and then it plateaued as the body needed a little more ‘coaching’ to continue with what it was doing, so the second pill/text message could go like this

‘great job down there, keep going, the cilia just need a little more help there and the oxygen levels are improving, maybe use the nose as an outlet, that phlegm really needs shifting’

And the third pill was given as the symptoms got better but plateaued, they did not return, just plateaued.

By the third pill, the body produced a fever….

3rd pill/text message..could go like this ‘great job vital force now just raise the temp a little to complete the healing’

The body/vital force responds respectfully…you cannot force how the body responds…it will respond the way it ‘sees fit’

‘thanks, Ant-tart, over and out’.

So when someone asks ‘how many pills do I take?’ you can use this text message analogy. ONE at a time AND WAIT to hear back from the body/vital force.

REMEMBER the pill is communicating with the body/vital force and then the body responds. Wait for that response, before taking another pill.

You just have to see how the ‘acute symptoms’ are going, are they less intense? Is the individual feeling more relaxed? Have they fallen asleep after a remedy pill (a good sign, as sleep, means healing is going on)..etc

HOMEOPATHY heals through communicating with the vital force.

Have you tried homeopathy? What was the last remedy you took? My last remedy was Ignatia as I have been feeling a lot of ‘grief’ at this time and overwhelm.

Sometimes, we just have to get over the language of homeopathy and experience its healing power.

To health!


PS. Ant-tart is Antimonium Tartaricum and it MATCHED this toddler’s symptoms, there are other remedies that also help with breathing, lungs, congestion…it is always about MATCHING, like a game of bingo, if it does not match the text message is ignored.

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