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Re-current urinary tract infections

Firstly let me warn you as the following information may just save you some money and please note that if you read this blog you are doing so at the risk of improving your health.

I had seen Emma (name is changed for obvious reasons) for two sessions at the beginning of the summer.  She came with the standard common urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms that were re-occuring every month for the previous 7 months.

So far she had been on three courses of antibiotics then switched to more ‘natural means’ due to the side effects of the antibiotics including thrush ONTOP of the UTIs.

She was spending a considerable amount of money on nutritional supplements…and was also advised to use various natural ‘techniques’ to abate the UTI when it occurred…these varied from

  1. vitamin C

  2. astaxanthin

  3. alkalinsing diet

  4. taking bicarbonate of soda when the UTI starts

  5. cranberry extract

  6. D-mannose

  7. probiotics

  8. apple cider vinegar

Emma mentioned that these helped at the beginning for the first few UTIs post antibiotics but then the last UTI she had before booking a session did not clear with the above. Let me add that by now she was taking most of the above regularly in fear of getting a UTI.

So what is going on here? Well Emma obviously has a symptom that is trying to grab her attention. She went from using antibiotics which unfortunately have all manner of side effects including hormonal imbalance (click here to read on the effect of antibiotics on hormones) to then moving onto natural supplements and changing her diet. BUT what was not addressed was the underlying weakness that was constantly ‘playing out’ as a ‘UTI’.

She was spending about £80 a month on the supplements that were NOT addressing the root cause. After two sessions, with two homeopathic remedies (pulsatilla and medorrhinum)  her UTIs totally cleared. She has had no UTIs for the last 4 months.

The beauty here is being able to address the underlying imbalance that actually is deeper than the nutritional need. Nutrition by all means is important but it was not addressing the core of what was out of balance as far as Emma was concerned. Emma was also quite a timid and anxious individual. Her anxiety had also improved as she had the homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy not only addressed her hormonal imbalances but also her mental health.

Do you suffer from UTIs, thrush or symptoms of hormonal imbalances then feel free to contact me for further information at

To health


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