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Immune Tantrum aka Hay Fever

Hi everyone,

It is that wonderful time of the year when new life begins to appear in a few weeks…the arrival of colour, new shoots and not to mention longer daylight. The Northern Hemisphere is busy!

In the ancient times we relied on the rhythm of the seasons and respected that whole-heartedly. Nowadays it is a different story having lifestyles that tend to go against the rhythm of nature. However, our bodies are still intrinsically tied to the seasons whether we honour this or not.

This is also the time of year when the immune system can start having tantrums. These tantrums can manifest as what we call ‘hay fever’. Why is it that something that is so natural in the environment (such as grass) can trigger much pain, distress, irritability and lead to resorting to medications that may include steroids. The immune system is having a tantrum for a reason. Is it due to toxic overload, stress, synthetic foods, vaccinations, change in environment such as new job, exam stress?

Hay fever medications such as anti-histamines and steroids only suppress the symptoms (‘alleviate’ some call it) they do not address the underlying issue of an unhappy immune system.

Today I just want to share the knowledge that hay fever can be cleared using naturopathic approaches this includes namely  homeopathy and naturopathic nutrition.

My very first ‘hay fever’ client after I had just newly qualified as a homeopath was a 31yr old nurse who was on steroidal nasal spray and anti-histamines. These were no longer helping with the hay fever.  She had itchy and watery eyes, runny nose that was also blocked, itchy palate and inner ears and she felt cold and irritable.

The standard indicated homeopathic remedies would not work for long, although the remedy wyethia (a common homeopathic remedy for hay fever) kept her ‘symptom-free’ whilst she took it but when she stopped the hay fever returned. So going through her history it was evident that she had a history of hepatitis B jabs. So at the third session we did a hepatitis B vaccine detox and as clear as day, her hay fever totally vanished.

Another wonderful lively case was a 12 year old boy who was riddled with hay fever and it was impacting his sports. He had, had, hay fever for the past 2 years and this was his third year. He was an effervescent type, loved lemony tangy sweets, had the most long beautiful eye lashes and was amiable and entertaining. He loved the fact the appointment was all about him and was quite a story teller. In homeopathic terms this boy’s constitution was phosphorus. So I prescribed 10M phosphorus (along with recommendations of food based vitamin C and quercitin) and within 1 week his hay fever cleared completely.  This remedy allowed his body to re-balance and remove the cause of his immune system tantrums.

The benefits of actually addressing the imbalance rather than suppressing symptoms or solely addressing symptoms is that not only does homeopathy re-balance the whole body BUT it also prevents the symptoms from becoming more chronic over time and developing into something more severe such as arthritis or diabetes, MS etc.

So why not address the cause rather than ‘suppress the symptoms’?

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To a vibrant healthy and colourful Spring!


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