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Homeopathy in a nutshell

I wanted to share a case, as originally Sally was not happy to take any homeopathy at all.

Sally’s main symptoms, were

  1. fibromyalgia with muscle pain all over especially her neck and shoulders

  2. severe digestive pain few hours after eating

  3. panic attacks

  4. insomnia

  5. nightmares

  6. lethargy

  7. depression

Sally is a retired childminder and has had a lovely enjoyable life till she had part of her thyroid removed. After that she started to experience all manner of symptoms from panic attacks, reacting to foods randomly from fruits through to gluten. She started to suffer muscle pains all over her body and found it hard to take the dogs out for a walk, which was one of her favourite past-times of the day prior to ‘falling ill’. The surgery had also triggered an early menopause.

Before her surgery she led a fulfilled life and was a very active lady. The lump on her thyroid was not biologically active, in that it was not producing any thyroid hormones and she felt that surgery was the trigger for ALL her symptoms and it was un-necessary.

The insomnia was making her symptoms worse as she was not getting any rest and sleep is critical for the body to heal and repair.

After taking a full history and finding out more about how Sally’s symptoms made her feel and how this had impacted her life and what she enjoyed in life,  it was clear that she had done as much as she felt she could as far as nutrition was involved as well as traditional medical help. She had seen a specialist who had carried out various tests that included stool tests, neurotransmitter tests as well as blood tests to no avail.  She also had CBT to try and help with the anxiety. She was prescribed anti-inflammatories which made her gut symptoms worse and although it eased the fibromyalgia symptoms for a few hours. She felt as if she was ‘chasing her own tail’ and decided to try homeopathy. Prior to this, homeopathy was not something Sally considered as she felt one had to believe in it for it to work.

Following her first session and after a couple of doses of a homeopathic remedy called cuprum metallicum (copper) all her nightmares, panic attacks, sadness, insomnia and muscle pain have been completely been ‘cured’. In her own words ‘it is less than a miracle’ and her digestive symptoms have reduced by about 80% and she feels so much more happier and hopeful.

I have just had a follow up session with Sally and it will be exciting to hear what happens to the remaining 20% of the digestive symptoms.

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that is more about triggering the body’s innate healing ability to kick in rather than trying to take over the body’s healing ability.

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