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Homeopathy clears symptoms of ADHD

I met Miriam earlier this year with her son Mohammed (names are changed but they were happy for me to share that they are of Middle Eastern origin) who was diagnosed with ADHD.

Miriam was exhausted and fed up with what doctors and educational psychologists had to offer her son for ADHD. She said her son just needed more attention and needed to run around to release his ‘pent-up’ energy not be ‘marginalised as ADHD -approach with caution’.

In school he was labelled as the ‘bad boy’, ‘naughty child’ and it was a punishment for other children to have to go and sit with ADHD-Mohammed in class. In school he would end up kicking someone or climbing the table or falling backwards off his chair as he would be constantly moving and fidgeting. He was in the ‘top sets’ at school but he would get bored easily and start to ‘disrupt the others by his fidgeting’.

His mother had paid over £800 to get an educational psychologist’s report so the school could support him and recognise he required additional support and her family doctor had recommended Ritalin.

A Mother’s Story 

Miriam is has a PhD in pharmacology and works for a large Pharmaceutical company and she was not going to accept a medication for ADHD that was going to disrupt her child’s brain chemistry artificially, so she decided to look into nutrition and then came to me for homeopathy in September 2016. At this time Mohammed was sugar free and gluten free and Miriam noticed a huge difference in his moods but wanted to explore further before she felt she was ‘giving up on her son’ and the ADHD diagnosis.

Previous to the session Miriam had been through 5 years of constant calls from the school and ongoing ‘battles’ with her son as to why he just could not ‘behave and be still’. She felt he was being ostracised by the school children and she was plummeting with the stress. Miriam was concerned that secondary school would just ‘finish him or he may hurt someone in one of his aggressive moments’.

Welcome to Mohammed’s world

When Mohammed came to clinic he was 10 years of age, incredibly articulate, intelligent and a spirited child.  He was restless, agitated, and fidgeted through the consultation. He was impulsive looking around as if anxious, talkative to the point he was not able to regulate when to stop talking, loved climbing which he did as hobby since the age of 6yr at a local indoor climbing centre, parkour, music, trampolining and art. When I further probed him he said ‘I cannot stop my self from fidgeting, moving and even kicking someone, moreso when they cheat or push past me in football or basketball but it just happens and I think afterwards what happened? Here comes the teacher’.

I had asked him to draw something in the session and he had drawn a spider man with such detail and precision. I noticed that whilst he was drawing he did not fidget or move about or even look away from his drawing would not even know he was in the room or be considered to have been diagnosed with ‘ADHD’.

So I prescribed the homeopathic remedy Tarentula Hispanica, many of his traits were similar to this spider.

At the follow up session in October, Miriam mentioned that he was so much ‘better’ after the remedy for about a week but then it all went back to before. I had it in mind that Mohammed had been on steroid inhalers for 2 years when he started school at the age of 4.5yr. He had developed ‘asthma’ or as his mum called it a wheeze from the ‘rigidity of the school structure’ because at the weekends or school holidays he never had the wheeze.

Steroid detox 

So a steroid detox was prescribed as medications can suppress the energy of the body and prevent a true healing. Also steroids can create ADHD like symptoms. After this, both Mohammed and his mother felt there was quite a difference in Mohammed’s sleep patterns. Before that he would find it hard to fall asleep and ‘toss and turn’ in his sleep. So it seemed the steroid detox allowed the sleep to happen so allowing the body to heal and repair.

I then saw them in November and I gave him the homeopathic Tarentula remedy again. In the third session two weeks ago Mohammed said ‘thanks Doctor, you are the first nutrition doctor to allow me to go back onto sugar and gluten and I feel so different. I don’t feel the need to speed, it is like my body has had the supercharged batteries removed’.

His mother commented that the school is under the impression that it must be the Ritalin (there is no Ritalin) as he is now  ‘calmer, engaged and has even got involved in the art club at lunch times. His ADHD diagnosis is being reviewed!

Anxiety, ADHD, insomnia and other children’s issues can be remedied without the need to medicate. Contact me for further details or to book a free skype chat click here.

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To healthy, happy children


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