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Health and The Nervous System

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

I hope you are keeping well and safe.

Friday 20th March was my last day in ‘clinic’ as in face to face, as Neal’s Yard have closed all their rooms and shops for the foreseeable future, so ALL my clinic sessions are online, so do connect with me if you want to book a session.

Having spoken to my parents who hear a lot of the ‘fear’ around being vulnerable and the ‘deaths’ from the pandemic, keep in mind all those who have recovered which do not make it into the mainstream media. Right now, I am suggesting to my clients to switch off the media and go out and spend time in nature and move your body. Lockdown does not mean, one cannot go out into a large open space with greenery just keep the distance. Maybe choose times when you know most people will be home, if not then choose to go to parts of a large Park where there are not many people. My local park is pretty much empty since it closed to cars and cyclists.

Remember, remember to take in the sun’s rays which activate the synthesis of vitamin D, in ALL its forms not just the one form that is put into a pill, feel the PARASYMPATHETIC nervous system calm you, ‘hold’ you as you breathe in that fresh air, with nature’s healing green colours. The sun is shining over here, it is not only healing physically but for the mind too.

The PNIE (Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine) system is about the whole MINDBODY connection. Feeling isolated and vulnerable is not conducive to health, so ‘check’ on your neighbors and ensure they are eating and drinking.

Tips – avoid sugar – drink water – drink herbal infusions – get that heart rate up by doing some exercise – get those greens in you

We are hearing so much about vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and elderberry, hey but what about Vitamin A? I am not referring to beta carotene but Vitamin A is just as important. It is well known that this fat-soluble vitamin is key in immunity. Vitamin A and zinc are compadres, one cannot do without the other, and then Vitamin A is vital for potassium which is a key mineral in stress, not just thyroid health. And then just to go back to basics all the fat-soluble vitamins are connected. This is why most of them come ‘packaged’ together NATURALLY.

Usually, we believe that just having beta carotene is enough, but we need ALOT of carrots (or any beta carotene-rich food) DAILY to get that quota of vitamin A (i.e. the retinol version). You may feel you are OK without Vitamin A but over time one can start to experience some of the following symptoms…

– poor skin health such as acne – low energy – infertility issues – gut issues re-occurring infections

For my clients who are vegan, I recommend this VITAMIN A alongside B12. B12 in a good probiotic is much more bioavailable than in isolated supplement form.

However, for all of us I want to share here an old blog that is even more relevant now as to why I use and recommend potentized herbs in practice. If anything they are a blend of herbs/botanicals. They are not synthetic, so they do not impact other minerals, vitamins etc You can read the blog HERE.

I have added 3 new blends due to the current situation, these are:

These tonics are not only, supporting, gentle and NOURISHING but they support the major systems at this time, which can be affected by the virus.

I have blended them with the nervous system in mind too, adding in some flower essences so we do not overwhelm the nervous system. ‘We HEAL when we are in a parasympathetic state of mind’ and we are more adaptable to change (i.e. healthy) when we can shift or more specifically FLOW from the ‘fight-flight’ system (sympathetic system) to the ‘rest and digest’ system (PARAsympathetic).

I am booking short appointments if you want to go through which blends would benefit you best to support your immunity and overall health at this time. You can book online. I am have also been putting together some remedies for those concerned about ‘getting the current virus symptoms’, as prophylactic support but also for those with symptoms of the pandemic and we are finding some key homeopathic remedies that seem to be common, these include, arsenicum album, bryonia, phosphorus, phosphoric acid, ant-tart and some more. But again with acutes, matching your symptoms to the remedy are VITAL, so I have set up short acute sessions. Feel free to book or drop me an email if you have any questions about bookings.

Remember to keep moving, to breathe, nourish and connect.


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