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Do you know what is in your deodorant?

Hi everyone, it is breast cancer awareness month and for this reason I wanted to share the 2 new NYR deodorants, not only because £1 for every deodorant you buy goes to The Haven (a national charity offering free support to those affected by breast cancer, , but also because these deodorants are toxin free so great for breast health and for over all health.

We have what is known as antiperspirants and deodorants to try and work with that bodily process called sweating or perspiration. Anti-perspirants suppress perspiration which equates to the build up of toxins and  deodorants, deodorise without blocking perspiration.  Most antiperspirants and deodorants contains toxic ingredients. These can be  aluminium, parabens, and/or synthetic fragrances.

Aluminium has not only been linked to Alzeheimers, but to various auto-immune conditions including Multiple Sclerosis . Parabens and synthetic fragrances are petro-chemicals so not only are they not good for your body but also not great for the environment.

NYR deodorants do not contain any of these toxins actually they are toxin-free.

These deodorants also contain therapeutic essential oils which are calming and soothing on the skin and balancing overall. There is also vera which has anti-inflammatory properties as well as healing properties. And not to forget the ever popular frankincense that has the well known anti-stress rejuvenating properties on the skin.

So why not try these out and not only support your body in reducing the toxic burden and even prevent the likelihood of diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s but at the same time support a great breast cancer charity. To purchase click here.

To healthy perspiring 🙂


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