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Diabetes Part 2: Time To Reconcile That Relationship

Welcome to Mid May!

Wherever you may be on this planet, I hope this newsletter finds you well. I am focusing on DIABETES TYPE 2 in this newsletter but before I dive in, please ensure you have read part 1 HERE. If now is not the time to read this, I understand but do come back to it. My goal is to educate and empower you to take responsibility for your own health because there is some mis-leading information ou there.

Type 2 diabetes is PREVENTABLE and UNNECESSARY, yet it is on the increase. If you have any of the symptoms below, it is more than likely that your liver needs some support and nourishing as well as your pancreas and/or adrenals. Also a fatty liver is quite common and it is not easily diagnosed unless it has gotten to the point where the liver enzymes show up out of balance in a blood test. And quite a few people with diabetes type 2 have an un-diagnosed fatty liver, this is ALL preventable and ‘curable’.

Sugar is not only regulated by the pancreas but by the LIVER and the ADRENALS. Firstly – reduce all your refined carbohydrates such as sugar, white flour, soda drinks – start to move, be it dancing, walking, jogging, swimming etc – listen to the chatter in your head and switch it to ‘nurturing chatter’ – start to ask questions, ask your doctor, ask your endocrinologist – support and nourish your liver, pancreas AND adrenals

How do we reconcile that relationship with insulin and the insulin receptors?  In other words, how do we get our body to listen to OUR OWN insulin? FIRSTLY, implement as much as possible of the above AND if you also have the symptoms above, I would suggest:

nourishing and supporting your liver  – nourishing and supporting your pancreas nourishing and supporting your minerals

You see, the sugar has to go somewhere, anywhere really but out of the blood. It cannot just sit around as it will eventually ‘create havoc’ which means heart disease, high blood pressure, neuropathy, glaucoma, kidney disease etc. And these key organs play a vital role in blood sugar management and more.

Some of my clients who HAD type 2 diabetes noticed their vision improved (as unregulated blood sugar can impact vision) and their energy improved, in some the yellowish colour in the whites of their eyes cleared up, their blood pressure balanced out and the brain fog cleared.

This was just following this simple advice and getting their liver, pancreas and adrenals supported. BUT BE WARNED,  IF YOU ARE on MEDICATION for type 2 diabetes, you may need to reduce it, so keep a close on eye on your blood sugar levels and speak with your doctor. Once you start to reconcile the relationship between the insulin and the insulin receptors, you will no longer require the mediator(s) aka medication(s).

The other reason, why I am big on supporting and nourishing the above key organs is they also help excrete toxins and toxins can also impact insulin sensitivity. So try and swap those toxic household cleaning chemicals with more ‘clean’ products. You can try and use white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and essential oils for cleaning. We are exposed to toxins through inhaling, as well as through the skin and mouth.

I recommend HOMEOBOTANICALS for nourishing and supporting these organs alongside the other changes mentioned….they have no side effects and can be taken alongside medication but again just be aware you will have to monitor your blood sugar levels as they start to improve.

In essence, to nourish AND support ALL 3 organs that also include some mineral-rich tonics, you can purchase the various homeobotanicals from THE APOTHECARY HERE.

If on insulin as well as medication for their TYPE 2 diabetes 1. Liver Rejuvenate  2. Pancreatic Tonic 3. Adrenal Rejuvenate

If on medication but not insulin 1. Liver Replenish 2. Pancreatic Tonic 3. Adrenal Rejuvenate (tired and tired) OR Adrenal Replenish (tired and wired)

If on NO medication but have blood sugar issues or fatty liver, or the symptoms in the image 1. Liver Tonic 2. Pancreatic Tonic 3. Adrenal Tonic

My other recommendations would be to take some omega 3 oils and a food-based Vitamin C, these can be obtained from good well-reputed health food stores or if you are in the UK, I like Cytoplan who do vegan sources of omega 3 (Omega 3 Vegan)  as well as a Vitamin C called Cherry C (it is from Acerola Cherries and no synthetics)

Let’s make a change and be responsible for our health, because your doctor is not responsible for your health, IT IS YOU. 

Diabetes type 2 is totally preventable and unnecessary and yet it costs the health industry billions and a poor quality of life for those experiencing this sugar dysregulation disease.

And diabetes type 3 is also preventable which is called Alzheimer’s Disease.

To great health!


PS. if you know someone with Type 2 diabetes, they can subscribe to my newsletter and enjoy the benefits of good health and some freebies

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