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Catch it while you can!

Hi everyone,

It is that time, treat your body and soul to some clean healthy goodies. We have a 20% discount from today till 9am Friday 28th April. Go on be kind to yourself.  This season can also bring with it, symptoms of flu, colds, hay fever and childhood illnesses, so why not be prepared?

Just click below to shop.

My favourites are

1. the diffuser, that way you do not have to worry about the oils getting everywhere BUT great for health as well as colds, flus and chesty symptoms. I tend to diffuse various oils (the soto aroma diffuser currenty had the 20% discount) 2. The men’s close shave cream…clean, toxin-free and super for the skin 3. Frankincense hydrating cream, not only due to it’s anti-oxidant properties BUT the way it feels 4. The aromatherapy oils, to diffuse, to use in a water spray bottles for wiping surfaces such as in the kitchen, bathroom (these oils have antibacterial properties and smell great and of course are toxin free), to use in washing machines (no volatile organic compounds). Oh! and a tip that you may want to share, put a few drops of the oil such as eucalyptus in the toilet tank, your loo will be grateful and so will your guests

<img decoding="async" lazyload class="img lazyload" src="" alt="" width="16" height="16" /> 5. The books! Any of the books, but the one I pull out to use time and again is the essential oils book..such a gem of a reference book but also beautiful to look at.

Happy shopping and to clean healthy living!


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