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20% Off Green And Clean NYR

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share the special 20% discount offer with Neal’s Yard. You can shop here for some clean, green, ethical goodies, from moisturizers to after shaving creams, through to essential oils.

In some parts of the hemisphere, the sun may be kissing your skin and your feet ‘feeling the work’, so don’t forget to look after the largest external organ known as the skin. What you put on your skin goes into your body.

My theme this month is FAT, if you have not read my healthy scoop on FAT then please feel to read it HERE.

Now that some of you may be taking off a few layers of clothing to dry your bones and soak in the sunshine, you may discover that you have that bumpy spotty skin on the back of the arms and/or in-growing hair on various parts of the body…well it means you either are lacking FATS and moisture AND/or your detox system especially your liver needs some attention.

For fats try the omega 3, 6, 9 blend oil and the COCONUT BUTTER and for the liver, start with cutting out the toxins by going clean and green. 

NYR products are green, nontoxic and ETHICAL…from body washes, moisturizers, foot scrubs (the pumice foot scrub is perfect for those cracked heels but again not to forget to moisturize regularly inside-out and outside-in), after all every cell in your body (and you have alot of cells) is surrounded by a fatty layer called the cell membrane.

Some of the firm favorites for applying on the skin are…

1. The all-rounder, no time wasted WILD ROSE BEAUTY BALM (use it as a moisturizer, hand cream, post-sun cream, lip balm, cleanser, apply to the nail cuticles…it is truly an all-encompassing gorgeous smelling anti-oxidant balm. 2. The Rose Body Cream, this one is great for that dry skin but also smells divine, watch that dry crocodile skin vanish. 3. And if you find you are breaking out in spots in the summer heat, try the lovely White Tea Enriching Facial Mask (my personal favorite of all facial masks) 4. Why not cherish your feet with the Comfrey and Mallow Foot Balm. When was the last time you treated your feet? 5. And protection from the sun without the chemicals? Try out the Wild Rose Moisturizing SPF Cream….(toxin free)

Shop here  for more goodness.

To health 

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Khush Mark (PhD)

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