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Brilliant Bile

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

So let’s just get right to it, as I have been sharing quite a bit on FB and Instagram about this vital brilliant bile. I want to share the basics and if you want to read more, you can go to my FB page or Instagram for more ‘snippets’. 

Functions of BILE….remember it is not about the GALL BLADDER per se but about BILE. The gall bladder is just a ‘storage sack’ for the bile. 

  1. Fat digestion and assimilation

  2. Antibacterial

  3. THYROID hormone activation

  4. Detoxifier such as ‘heavy’ metals, unwanted hormones, other metabolic wastes

  5. Microbiome balance, prevention of SIBO

  6. Skin health

  7. Mental clarity

  8. Supporting Vitamin D levels

  9. ALSO general digestion and assimilation

Simply, bile consists of LECITHIN AND BILE SALTS. Now bile salts come from bile acids that are made from cholesterol, there are pigments in bile that give it the various colors, there is water. Lecithin is basically a combination of fats, the major one being phosphatidylcholine in bile.

We want the ‘Goldilocks effect’ such that bile is not too thin and not too thick. The common health issues with bile is that it is too ‘thick’ or what is known as ‘sludgy’ bile. This sludge bile will impact ALL the above functions and can result in the development of gall stones.

GALLSTONES DO NOT ONLY occur in the gall bladder, but they can also develop in any of the ducts (more in my Cleanse Eguide).

So to ensure you have healthy BILE, not the ‘sludgy’ type you want to ensure that you are eating

  1. plenty of greens which are also rich in fiber

  2. drinking good quality water

  3. healthy fats

  4. nutrients dense foods

  5. Bitter foods such as artichokes, arugula, bitter melon, Brussel sprouts, ginger, dandelion greens, chicory, grapefruit, lemon and orange rind)

  6. Sour foods such as lemon and limes

  7. Get used to raw beet which is rich in betaine that thins the bile

  8. Easting good quality protein foods from which we obtain our amino acids (taurine and glycine key amino acids in BILE production)

  9. SLEEPING well (do not under-estimate the power of sleep)

  10. Avoid alcohol

  11. Avoid sugary ‘foods’

There is much much more about nutrition in my Ebook and the power of the mind-body connection. Eating well and INCLUDING a plethora of foods especially bitter foods will aid in restoring bile health.

Supplements for bile health which I recommend short term only include:

  1. Sunflower lecithin (must be clean no GMO)

  2. Beet root in supplement form

  3. Taurine

  4. Digestive bitters which can be taken daily forever!  ( I personally LOVE homemade recipes and one of my all-time favorites is by Rosalee De La Foret in her book Alchemy of Herbs) but there are plenty that you can make easily at home, even a simple ginger infusion is great, again try and see how you feel. Ginger suits more those who are ‘cold’ types.

The essence is to PRIMARILY try get your nutrition sorted, this is why I encourage everyone to read my simple but informative eBook.

I also want to mention a TONIC that I have put together for those with sludgy bile. It not only consists of botanicals, but flower essences and homeopathy. Remember that each and every part of our body is emotional too. The gall bladder is mainly about bitterness and resentment, the liver is liked to anger and ‘rage’, the kidneys are more fear-based. So this tonic has been blended with all this in mind. This tonic is part of the cleanse

If you do not have a gall bladder, you can still do the cleanse as the gall bladder is the storage organ, the liver still produces bile. I have clients who has their gall bladders removed to still have issues with digestion and hormones.


I have gall stones, can I do the cleanse? The simple answer is YES and the not so simple answer is work with a practitioner on this. Over the 18 years I have worked with clients who have had gallstones, that have avoided gall bladder surgery altogether by not only doing this cleanse BUT primarily spending the first few weeks softening the sludge and stones. This is absolutely vital, it involves understanding what gall stones consists of, the anatomy and physiology of the biliary and hepatic ducts.

I have had my gall bladder removed can I do the cleanse? The simple answer is YES and the longer answer is you still need to work on ‘fine-tuning’ supplements to support your digestion and detoxification via bile at each mealtime. This means taking supplements to support the BILE that goes out of sync with meals after a gall bladder removal. 

I personally am of the belief that if you have had your gall bladder removed then taking supplements for supporting the BILE with EACH meal is vital. This is more ‘individualized’ as some people do very well on a BILE supplement alone, others require a bit more such as

  1. Bile salts

  2. Beet root

  3. Lecithin

  4. Choline

  5. Digestive enzymes

  6. Homeopathic Tissue salts

  7. Liver support remedies

I have some clients on a few of the above, others cycle their supplements especially a few of my female clients, specifically choline and/or lecithin during differing times of their menstrual cycle. Everyone seems to respond differently to different supplements, so invest in your health and book a session to ‘sort this out’, as replacing what the surgery took away is FUNDAMENTAL for optimal health. 

Ready to start the cleanse? Or even prepping for the cleanse? Then pop over to my website and invest in the Cleanse eGuide and make that bile brilliant again. 

To a healthy new year!  May it be filled with love, peace of mind and good health!


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