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Blowing Your Own Trumpet

Hi Everyone,

I hope this season finds you well and using naturopathic medicine more and more. It came as quite a surprise when I had lunch with a friend and she asked ‘Why do homeopaths blow their own trumpet?” After some more chat, it turns out that maybe that is how some perceive it but I have some very clear responses to this question….as I sure do blow my trumpet when it comes to sharing how people have better their own health and the health of their family and friends.

‘Why do homeopaths blow their own trumpet?”

  1. because homeopathy WORKS

  2. because homeopaths (and naturopaths) choose to share their passion for healing as well as their clients

  3. because homeopathy has been removed from the NHS

  4. because the media won’t share about a medicine that saves lives, saves the NHS money, saves families

  5. because our children’s education system is stuck in Newtonian science worldview which is outdated and impacting the health not only of our children but nation

  6. because pharma cannot make billions from homeopathy

  7. because you have to have an ‘open mind’  to understand how homeopathy works OR be desperate OR be told by your friend, neighbor, partner, ‘hey have you considered homeopathy?’ it helped my hay fever

Having shared these responses that came to mind, I want to share a case of a 6-year-old girl. She was experiencing

  1. anxiety

  2. could not do imaginary play at all

  3. required constant attention from her mother

  4. unwell and unhappy

  5. daily tummy aches and feeling sick

  6. ‘isolating’ herself from others, showing no interest in other activities

  7. scared of dogs, scared of the dark

  8. scared of anything new

  9. kicking and screaming to school

  10. re-occurring tonsillitis

After one session of homeopathy, in her mothers’ words “I am absolutely blown away by the changes in X in just 5 weeks!” She has gone from someone who leaped into the road in front of cars to avoid dogs, to stroking one!  She is calmer, happy, rational and far more independent. She displays way more positivity, so instead of ‘I can’t do’, I hear ‘I can’t do it YET’. She has started playing imaginatively with her toys which has never happened. She cries much less now and her demeanor is so much happier. It’s like having a different child!  I have noticed she has lost alot of puffiness from her body and I’m seeing colour back in her cloudy eyes’.

So why would we not blow our homeopathic trumpets? When a child that was unhappy, not able to play independently without her mother (ALL the time) to now playing not only independently but imaginative play by using a form of medicine that most people have not even heard of or may have done through the negative press in the media.

We are not blowing our own trumpets BUT the trumpet for homeopathy. It pains me to think the NHS has removed homeopathy and yet the NHS is failing but could save millions by including homeopathy. One of the homeopathic remedies (a bowel nosode) addressed the fact that this child had been on many antibiotics which can be avoided, homeopathy works beautifully for acute conditions.

What have you heard about homeopathy?  Have you tried homeopathy?

Have a great day!


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