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Alternative medicine treatment put a four year old boy in A&E

Hi everyone! A young autistic boy who ended up in A&E due to his ‘complementary medical treatment’. What is baffling, is that no further history is given about this child.

  1. Was this child born autistic?

  2. What support was the family getting before they went to seek help from a complementary health practitioner?

  3. If this child was not born with autism, when did it start?

  4. Could it possibly have been caused by iatrogenic causes?

  5. Did this child’s complementary medical practitioner create an iatrogenic effect like traditional medical doctors are known to?

So let us stand back and ask what happens when….

  1. A child has suddenly developed symptoms after a vaccine? To the point this child no longer can verbally communicate and has constant diarrhoea?

  2. A teenage girl ends up in a wheel chair within days of having the HPV vaccine?

  3. Eczema clears up but the individual now has asthma, a deeper more life threatening condition

  4. A 30 year old female is now just about getting through her day after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue following a history of birth control pill use and a host of antibiotics all for acne

  5. An 80 year old gentle woman who was gardening everyday and still went shopping on a bus to buy her groceries develops a crazy, irritable itch but has no actual physical skin symptoms and is encouraged to start anti-depressants?

Practitioners of complementary medicine see cases like this on a daily basis. The causes of the above cases are all iatrogenic. This basically means diseases that are caused by medical treatment.

Do we hear about these people in the press on a daily basis? No. Why? Because we cannot possibly accept, that what is known as medicine is actually causing a plethora of side effects and keeping our nation sick, if not making them more sick.

All the above clients were helped with nutritional support and homeopathy. Some took supplements, others did not. All the above cases are now considered ‘cured’. The media case for the high calcium and vitamin D is questionable, as the history here is lacking. We are not given enough information. For further details on Vitamin D read here. Part II is here.

It is interesting that earlier in the summer, the main-stream media was portraying the message that we should all take vitamin D supplements but suddenly turns this around by publishing the case of the autistic child and hypercalcemia. Let us not forget that doctors have been recommended to start prescribing vitamin D too and they are doing so without realising the long term consequences not just hypercalcemia. I have seen cases in clinic where I have had to refer my clients back to their GP as they were taking vitamin D WITH calcium…yes WITH calcium…yet calcium is a mineral that is increased by Vitamin D…and the symptoms displayed by some of my clients were of too much calcium. Vitamin D is a hormone, the best sources are sunshine and food.

Most of us in the complementary medical profession are passionate about what we do and have gone through rigorous training. Personally, I have had 14 years of education in the world of pharmacology, toxicology, molecular biology, nutrition and homeopathy, slightly more than the average medically qualified doctor.

We take our profession seriously and we are constantly attending conferences and seminars to keep up to date with the research and new findings.

This post is from a place of concern and passion and not to ‘knock’ traditional medicine. I would not be here if it was not for my TB treatment when I was a baby by traditional medicine. We also know that for some of our doctors their ‘hands are tied’ and they work long hours, when do they get the time to go on conferences to stay ahead of the research? Most doctors are also passionate about their profession too.

Let us not point fingers in one direction but continue to do what we do with absolute love, respect and understanding.

I also want to thank the BBC for some educational TV series on health…(about time) , Doctor in the House and The Doctor Who gave Up Drugs.

To health and education!


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