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‘Airbnb’ squatters

Hi Everyone,

Clinic has been a bit busy with unwanted squatters …read on…

The topic is ‘parasites’ specifically threadworms. Yes, those greedy nutrient thieving critters. Not only do they gate crash but most decide to squat for sometime. The more ‘unhealthy’ the environment the longer they stay and ‘go forth and multiply’ literally.

The typical symptoms of threadworms are…

  1. Itching at night around the anal area

  2. Dark circles under the eyes

  3. Ravenous appetite ….but hungry again very quickly

  4. Itchy nose

  5. Teeth grinding

  6. Cough

  7. Mental irritability

  8. Symptoms worse around the full and new moon

…so don’t let the gate-crashers run amok.

Why the itching? This is when the worms come and lay their eggs in the anal area. They trigger the itching so as to continue their lifecycle. So if the itching is alleviated by scratching the area, the eggs can get into the nails and accidentally putting the fingers in the mouth or up the nose, the eggs re-enter the body and start the cycle again!

So be prepared and prepare your parasite cleanse in advance.

Nutritional advise: avoid stimulants such as sugar and white refined carbohydrates, alcohol. Increase consumption of raw carrots, raw pumpkin seeds, pomegranates (if in season)

Wash all sheets and towels and clean up the dust (sorry the cleaning is a bore)

Herbal: use a combination of black walnut, cloves and wormwood and garlic (I stock a combination mix of 7 herbs).

Homeopathy: there are several remedies that vary according to the symptoms.

For further details on the herbal worm mix and homeopathic worm mix you can contact me at

To a healthy gut!


If you want to know more about the story of a ‘de-wormed’ family read on….

A few months ago I saw a family that had been riddled with threadworms. They had resorted to the chemical version of the threadworm medication to only be re-visited by these unwanted parasites.

The father developed a rash on his back with on going symptoms of sinusitis, which included a blocked nose alternating with a runny nose, pain in the bridge of the nose, congested head and then a cough. He became rather ‘unbearable’ to live with (his wife’s words may I hasten to add) and the whole family decided to seek a more natural method of clearing out the worms.

It was the two children who had the worms first and they all got ‘treated’ with a medication called Ovex over a period of a month (break in between). They then had symptoms again and Ovex was used again. But when they got the worms for the third time, by which time the youngest child looked pale with dark circles under his eyes and had developed a chronic cough, they came to see me.

The whole family were treated naturopathically using homeopathy, nutrition and herbs over a period of 6 weeks. And they have not had any symptoms so far. The father’s symptoms ALL cleared even the sinusitis. What was interesting is that the family did not notice that they had other digestive symptoms such as bloating and excessive wind prior to the cleanse and they all felt much better after the naturopathic cleanse.

It is interesting how we can get used to living with ongoing symptoms to only realize they were an issue or even there post cleanse!

I usually ask people to wait at least another 6 weeks to ensure they are clear. As these squatters have a 6 week lifecycle.

The family’s nutritional intake was pretty poor especially the father who was living on stimulants namely, coffee, sugar-laden pick me ups and no rest, over worked and over stressed….I am sure you get the ‘picture’.

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