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A case of nurture and coffee

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Every single day most people eat maybe once or twice or three times and some even more.

It is a popular ‘saying’ ‘we are what we eat’ but we are more. We are NOT only what we eat (the body is made up of minerals, proteins etc) but we are what we absorb, we are what we assimilate.

We ‘consume’ thoughts more than once a day, more than twice a day, more than three times a day. …..actually, we consume thoughts all day long.

What thoughts are you consuming, thinking, feeling and hearing, absorbing and assimilating?

You are NOT only what you eat but what you think.

An example of a case that I am happy to share (all cases I share with the client’s permission). She came for chronic migraines, they started during her teens then cleared in her late 20s then came back post-birth of her twins in her mid-30s. It was at 46yr of age she came to see me. Clean diet, clean living mostly and very nutrition ‘savvy’. Gluten-free, sugar-free and no alcohol. Enjoyed her milky coffee latte in the mornings that she cherished. She said ‘don’t take that away from me, that is my comfort’.

She had done liver detoxes and several others alongside some hormonal balancing protocols. Her migraines were believed to be peri-menopausal always on the day of her period as in her teens. Sometimes those things that are not resolved in our teens come to visit us in our menopausal years. Who am I? What am I doing? What next? Kids are off doing their own thing…. and so on.

What shifted her migraines completely was a remedy called ‘Lac Humanum’.  It was her words ‘don’t take that away from me, that is my comfort” led me down the path of this human bonding remedy. The connection between milky drinks, the words ‘don’t take it from me’ (I have no power to take anything from anyone but this was her perception) and that is my ‘comfort’ . What power and feelings this milky drink brought to her.

Nutrition is not about cutting out this and that. Food in our early days is about ‘NURTURE’, comfort, warmth, safety, belonging, bonding, growth both physically and emotionally … the way she described her milky coffee was very much the symbolism of first ‘food’ …breast milk aka Lac Humanum.

Food and thoughts impact our physiology.

I had not heard from this client since her prescription in February so had decided to contact her to find out how she was as I have been diving deep into these remedies recently.

To health


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