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20% off with Neal’s Yard

Have you considered shopping for gifts that are green, ethical and health centred? Neal’s Yard have a 20% discount from Wednesday 30th November from 3pm to Friday December 2nd 9am. Why not have a browse and benefit from the discount here?

I love so many of the Neal’s Yard products but if you were to ask me ‘what are my top 5?’ at a push (as I have quite a few favourites) they would be….

  1. The oil diffusers, I love the Amaya and the Lumie body clock which has several functions INCLUDING diffusion!

  2. The arnica and eucalyptus salve, especially now the winter is truly here…petroleum free ! Arnica for the lumps and bumps and eucalyptus for the colds and the chesty toxins thank you

  3. The amazing hot chocolate (organic cocoa complex), now I have to confess I am not a chocolate person but I got to tried it out just this weekend at Neal’s Yard and it is just divine. It has such a rich texture and not too bitter or too sweet and some great ingredients such as ashwaganda, maca, rhodiola rootextract to support those adrenals during stress

  4. The Frankincense intense cream, great for the mature and non mature skin 😉

  5. The wild rose beauty balm…it is like a 10-in-1 balm, not to mention the delicious aroma.

Shop here for the discount and why not go green with your Christmas shopping this year?

ooohhh I just can’t help myself but the portable diffuser is fab too….no more of those toxic Christmas tree air fresheners in the car 😉

Happy green shopping!

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