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World Coconut Oil Day

World Coconut Oil Day….Do you know the benefits of this FATubulous fat?

It is World coconut oil day today…yes that is right there is a day for coconut oil! …and it makes sense as this fat is just fatubulous!

Do you know the benefits of coconut oil? I have to admit most coconut oils make me gag apart from the raw organic virgin versions…but not to put you off…

1. it improves oral health …have you tried oil -pulling? It is an Ayurvedic practice involving swishing oil around in your mouth for about 10-15 minutes first thing in the morning then spitting it out. This detoxifying process reduces bacteria within the mouth but some say it reduces toxins from the body as the gums are rich in capillaries and the fat from this wonderful oil draws out the toxins with a kind of osmotic type effect

2. Boosts the metabolism……have you heard ‘Fat Doesn’t Make you Fat?’ well coconut oil is a saturated fat and contains lauric acid a so-called medium chain fatty acid and it is known to boost the metabolism….why not give it a try? We cook with coconut oil

3. Boosts the immune system….coconut oil contains lauric acid which has antibacterial properties

4. Coconut oil is a great moisturiser….some may find it a bit rich but why not try it? After all it not only moisturises but also is antibacterial. Most commercial brands of moisturisers contain petroleum based ingredients (these are categorised as toxins) organic virgin coconut oil is pure…it also helps removes excessive dead cells on the skin (like an exfoliator but without the ‘rub’)

5. It is heat stable…so you can use it in cooking and there is no issue of oxidation like with sunflower oil or any other vegetable oils or actually any other unsaturated oils….

So why not get your self a tub or two and try it out here….? 

Neal’s Yard organic coconut oil is sourced from the Philippines supporting the financial needs of the local farmers and ensuring all coconut farming is sustainable. This is so important for us as consumers as a lot of coconut oil farming is not sustainable and is resulting in deforestation in most countries.

OOOh before I sign off…if you are into sports or looking into an energising unadulterated ‘pick me up’ …try soaking chia seeds over night in a bit of water or coconut water …next day add it to some almond milk in a blender mix with tablespoon of pure coconut butter ..and I tend to add a nut butter too like peanut butter and drink.


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