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When The Ovaries Retire

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

When we are born, we have no choice over the health of our adrenals, our mother’s health, her mental-emotional well being, our maternal history, the environment that we are conceived in, the medications that she had been taking, for example, the birth control pill prior to falling pregnant will all impact our adrenal health.

Her health pre, peri and post-pregnancy impacts our adrenals. ..Let’s just say her WHOLE well being is really in the interest of our well being, especially those ‘fight-flight’ glands. Nowadays, women are going through the MENO-PAUSE as if it is something to be ‘tolerated’, to get through, to avoid, to suppress, to berate. I was sitting in a cafe today trying to mind my own business and the two women next two me were talking about getting botox as their Christmas presents. “TIs the season to be ‘botox-ed’, tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la”. We ended up talking together and they had no idea about the potential long term dangers of botox, they described botox as ‘anti-aging cream with steroids’

Nowadays women are being diagnosed or diagnosing themselves as ‘adrenally fatigued‘ however, the correct term is ‘adrenally challenged’ as It does not make sense for our adrenals to be exhausted as the hypothalamus and pituitary are the ones that should be exhausted since they are further upstream and do all that hard work of sending messages to the adrenals to ensure they are ‘vigilant’ as danger may just be around the corner, such as botox.

I had an amazingly simple case, it was one of those classic cases that had been around the ‘houses’ and collected a hysteria of ‘conditions’ from adrenal fatigue, to HPA dysfunction, to low ovarian reserve (new one to me), through to insomnia and subclinical hypothyroid. Her meno-pausal symptoms all started after a head injury. She did not manage to connect the dots.

She started to experience hot flushes, gaining weight, insomnia, lack of libido and low moods after this injury. CT scans showed nothing either.

She had spent a fortune (a fortune to me) on tests..and then a further fortune on supplements and weight loss programs.

But just after ONE REMEDY, just ONE…. such a simple case. …her symptoms resolved.

The homeopathic remedy was Arnica, (at all 4 potencies of 30c, 200c, 10M, and 50M) …it was after the 10M she noticed a difference but it did not last too long, so after a dose of 50M her symptoms all cleared.

She is out of what I call ‘trauma-induced menopause’. How powerful are our body’s that they can take on trauma and manifest it in such a way that traditional medicine cannot fathom?

It is true that our ovaries retire and the adrenals take over when we arrive at the meno-pausal chapter in life. This lady’s adrenals had a bit of a ‘beating’ in one ‘traumatic incident’ ..imagine how many incidences some of us we gather over life, from pre-conception.

Look after those amazing glands, which means nourishing them, but also tuning into rest and digest.

In this day and age, we tend to live in ‘fight-flight’ without even realizing it. This can manifest in OVER diagnosing and being members of every FB group going that mentions the word health.

Let’s turn it around for 2020, no more ‘fight-flight’ and no more ‘gathering’ diagnoses WHEN un-necessary as this is usually a symptom of ‘fight-flight’ in action on a subtle level.

– maybe it is parasites – maybe it is adrenals – maybe it is mold – maybe it is my childhood – maybe it is my home – maybe it is my mental state – maybe it is the wifi

I am not negating these at all, but when someone collects ALL of these or most of these, ‘HOUSTON we have a nervous system issue’

The precious adrenal glands are required at their full optimum loving capacity when we come to the meno-pause chapter in our lives. We do not want to ‘fry them’ by working ourselves into a nervous system overdrive…check your sleep, check your dreams, are you dreaming? Check your daily rhythm? Are you breathing? Like REAL breathing, not the shallow, ‘hyper’ adrenalized breathing.

Want to know more about the WHOLE person-centered approach I use in practice including healthy nutrition? Then why not treat yourself to a pre-festive present by purchasing my e-book, who knows, I may just surprise you

The book is not just about fat 

To your loving, sharp and astute adrenals!


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