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What is it about Cuba and Homeopathy?

Hello there, the fear around swine flu is palpable right now, but we can learn from Cuba

As we know Cuba is embargoed by the USA, the Cubans have had to depend on themselves regarding health care, no outside support or more to the point no money. So in a sense, they have absolute ‘freedom’ to incorporate complementary medicine into their health system as these therapies are much cheaper than traditional Western medicine

In Cuba, August is the height of the hurricane season. Following this season the water pollution is at its peak. Until 2007 the Cuban ministry of health was distributing traditional vaccinations for leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is an infectious disease caused by a spirochete called leptospira. During this hurricane, season leptospira is transmitted to humans from rats and causes kidney damage and jaundice and can ultimately lead to death. Yearly many are left homeless and under the ‘stress’ there is a sharp rise in the epidemic.

Now…the infection rate amongst the vaccinated is a few thousand and some deaths. The cost of such vaccinations is approximately 3 million USA dollars. BUT ..(there is always a BUT)…in August 2007, 2 million people in 2 separate Cuban provinces were given homeopathic treatment prophylactically (i.e as a preventative) for leptospirosis at a cost of 200, 000 USA dollars. This treatment involved giving 2 single doses of the homeopathic remedy, two weeks apart to the entire population in the 2 provinces. In this treatment, they also added some remedies to address the mental stress of the disaster.  

Remember, the Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine (PNIE) system that I mention in the book ‘Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat’? In other words, you are not only what you eat but also what you think.…Well the prophylactic treatment not only addresses the physical ailments but the emotional aspect of the Cuban population. Working with the physical without addressing the emotional well being is like inflating a punctured car tyre! ..Back to Cuba; within 2 weeks after August 2007 the usual rise of the epidemic dropped to ZERO with only 10 infections!

No deaths from leptospirosis after August 2007 and less than 10 infections a month!

This astounding outcome of going form hundreds of people being infected to virtually zero in a period of few weeks has never been published in the media ANYWHERE! …why do we not hear about this LIFE-saving news and wonderful form of medicine? 

When a country not only saves its population from disease but also saves the health system millions of USA dollars why do we not hear about it?

Why does not the existing and failing health system take this on board and make these therapies available to everyone? At a time such as now when people in various parts of the world have lost faith in their political and financial system, we should at least be instilling confidence into the health system before it completely collapses (if not so already). 

The hysteria riddled Media has encouraged fear and anxiety around the world about swine flu, but did you know there are very simple remedies that can be taken prophylactically to combat this so-called swine flu? This not only would save the nations billions of dollars but also prevent people from having to take such ‘unnecessary’ medications that in themselves do not build health. What is the purpose of a form of medicine that does not empower the body to heal but takes over the body’s ability to heal? One day we could face a situation when this type of medicine cannot help even in acute crisis, but we will look back and wished we had tried or even known about homeopathy.

Even in the well-reputed scientific journal ‘The Lancet’ the ‘swine flu’ vaccine safety is strongly questioned and it seems that usual safety and efficacy data requirements and all monitoring will have to be done after the vaccine has been administered!  But, why not choose homeopathy? Why use the general population as guinea pigs? 

Surely we can learn from Cuba without having to get into a desperate situation first. Remember, ask, is it true? If it is true then how can I build my immunity and overall health?  Viruses will always be here with us, there is no hiding from them, but we can build our immunity and our overall mental, emotional and physical health. Nutrition is a vital part of what our cells are made of, the carbohydrates, proteins and fats and fluids we put into our body impact our well being. If you want to book for HOMEOPATHY and/or want to book a session a personalized nutrition plan, you have my details. 

Remember we have a form of medicine that can not only save the medical system millions but also save lives.  

To great health!


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