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What Has My Child’s Nanny Got To Do With Her Eczema?

Hi there,

I will be sharing a series of blogs on the connection between the MIND and BODY and the science behind it…I do and have shared many blogs on this, but sometimes it is just good to get a little repetitive in a ‘good way’ so this message gets across.

A colleague shared an article from The Times Online from the weekend where a Doctor calls her therapy psycho-dermatology. Curing skin conditions like psoriasis through looking at the client’s timeline and adverse life events.

What adverse life events did this client experience?

“It is interconnected: stress activates pathways that start from the brain and end up in your adrenal glands, making chemicals that kick off inflammation,” she says.

So here is ONE example of what we could call psycho-dermatology or simply HOMEOPATHY…but let’s not get pedantic….the RESULTS are what matter.

A family that I see in clinic who initially came in for her son’s tonsillitis and from there everyone has been booking in, brought her daughter (age 3yr) who developed eczema just on her chest, itchy, red, rash, dry, and looking quite ‘parched’.

So, as we do, I took her timeline, asked what happened ‘around’ the time it started and the mother mentioned ‘well, we got a new nanny and got rid of the first one’.

So as I started asking more questions about the nannies, her daughter became animated about the old nanny and seem to not like the new one…she described her ‘old’ nanny like Mary Poppins and was literally ‘grief-stricken’ by her leaving. Now this grief does not have to manifest as lots of crying and depression, or a black cloud hanging over the head, withdrawn….etc IT CAN LOOK LIKE ECZEMA

The mum said, “I know, I should be used to your random weird questions, but what has the nanny got to do with her eczema?”

So I went into a little ‘science’ without using any ‘jargon’. However, she was prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Pulsatilla and within 3 days ALL her eczema cleared. TO NOTE, the child did have a major tantrum after the first dose of pulsatilla (which her mother said is unlike her) but this was just an expression of her grief, that she could not express before about the Nanny leaving.

If she went to a traditional doctor, she could have been prescribed steroid cream or some form of ‘relief’ cream/ointment but not an opportunity to express that GRIEF. So what would have happened to that grief? It would have been suppressed and later in life may be manifested as Chronic Fatigue, MS, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression…..

PLEASE NOTE if you have eczema it does not mean take pulsatilla or if you have grief….we match the individual to the remedy…there are over 1000s of homeopathic remedies.

This is a form of medicine that is safe, gentle and sustainable.…and works with your body, not against it. If you would like to book a session drop me a line at

To health!


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