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The Homeopathic Questions

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The homeopathic session….Why all these questions? Are they necessary?

There is some confusion amongst the ‘homeopathy virgins’ who are booking their first ever homeopathy sessions, but do not understand it and that is totally OK.

I remember my first homeopathic session and left the session thinking, ‘what a waste of time and bunch of codswollop’.

So I want to share this….

I personally do not want to spend valuable time that you have paid for talking about what homeopathy is…please do that research before you book a session (and I have several blogs explaining homeopathy, try this HERE for starters), as I much prefer getting to the ‘nitty gritty’ in the session to then be able to prescribe.

So I am now going to TRY to explain a few things about the homeopathic session. A homeopathic session is different to a nutrition/naturopathic session. A homeopathic session does not entail nutrition advice, it does not involve testing, it does not involve reports UNLESS the homeopath is qualified in other modalities.

Firstly this popular question ‘what was the cause of my ‘X’ then?’ As most people I see are used to the Western Medicine model they find the answer a bit ‘woo woo’, but as a homeopath, I do not know, the cause of X, even when the X is cured.

AND I will add traditional Western medicine also does not know the cause of the dis-ease ‘X’. They prescribe meds on symptoms or on a diagnosis, NOT knowing the cause, the cause continues to be an issue.

As a homeopath, I cannot say for example the ‘PMDD’ was due to estrogen dominance’, I would not know this without the necessary tests, and generally most clients do not care as long as they feel better. So as a homeopath, my answer to that rather straight forward question is ‘the cause of your ‘X’ is an imbalance in your vital force. Even as I type this, I feel part of my mind is saying ‘what is that all you got? An imbalance in the vital force’…yep, that is it folks.

If this does not satisfy your needs, then I would suggest reading ‘The Science of Homeopathy’ by George Vithoulkas. A bit of a ‘heavy read’ but well-worth it if you feel totally dissatisfied by the ‘imbalanced vital force’ response.

So moving onto the next part of a homeopathic session that seems to confuse a few people…’Why all those questions?’ These questions may include asking about

– your dreams

– your childhood

– your hobbies

– a very stressful time in your life

Why would something like PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) have anything to do with your dreams?

Why would I ask you about your hobbies? How does that impact the pain during the second half of the cycle?

BTW you can replace PMDD with any condition that you are seeking help for.

So in homeopathy, we are looking for the similimum. Now in order to gather information for this similimum, as a homeopath we want to UNDERSTAND you. Understanding you means, tapping into your subconscious, this goes beyond the ‘diagnosis’ that one walks in the door with.

WHY? Well because as adults we have a variety of ‘compensatory’ mechanisms to be ‘human kind’. So in this case, one of my clients who used to experience PMDD, said she wanted to murder someone, anyone that contradicted her, just rip off their heads. THIS WAS ONLY OBTAINED when I went down this more SUBCONSCIOUS level of asking questions. Initially she would say ‘I try and do my breathing meditation and some journaling and I may go for a walk in nature’. But this is a more outer ‘superficial’ layer, as a homeopath we like to peel those layers and try and get to that core.

As a homeopath we look for something called the STRANGE RARE AND PECULIAR (SRP).

What is unique to you with this dis-ease, not what everyone experiences with PMDD, but what YOU experience and more the SRP, the better.

We ask about dreams as that is accessing the non-compensated YOU, we ask about hobbies, as they can give insight into what is it about the hobby, this specific lady said she loved exercise, she loves running and running fast. WHY?

YES, it may sound bizarre that your health practitioner namely your homeopath in this case is asking about why you like running fast, right? What has that got to do with PMDD or the dis-ease that you are experiencing?

Well, asking about your hobbies can give much insight into your prescription. One may enjoy running fast as they feel liberated, they feel that they are weightless and free from any responsibility. So this shows our client’s sensitivities an insight into their remedies.

Another person may say they love playing team sports, and someone else may say they love the challenge of ‘winning’, another may say they love painting. What about the painting? What about the winning?

And the childhood questions are to know more about your personality before the ‘adult years’ took over, again this can give more insight into the person.

All these questions are absolutely relevant, because the answers guide homeopaths to the remedies.

So all these questions for a prescription? YES, in order to prescribe, a homeopath needs to understand YOU, the dis-ease is important, but not as important as YOU.

Do you provide a report following the homeopathic session? I do not provide a report, there is no report to provide, a homeopath provides a homeopathic prescription.

Homeopathy is about the person that has the dis-ease, NOT THE dis-ease that ‘has’ the person.

To health!


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