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Vitamin D: IS NOT Sunshine in a Pill

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Having had a weekend of teaching I wanted to share some news…as sometimes it feels like what is being taught is a bit ‘out there and could it really be the case? And why is everyone jumping on the ‘sunshine in a pill’ bandwagon? But please do your own research don’t just take my ‘word’.

Dr. Herring talked about the ‘LAW OF CURE’ which i respect as a practitioner.

I have had this book for nearly 20 years. It was the unconventional Dr.Atkins known for his high fat and low carb diet that inspired me to invest in this ‘monster of a book’ after his awesome lecture on the ‘ridiculousness of the food pyramid’. His passion for the subject on health and fat was not only contagious but scientifically sound. He questioned everything after his ‘awakening’.

As a biochemist, I was drawn to nutrition as it just made sense. Nutrition involves quite a lot of biochemistry, which some of us ‘run away’ from and others ‘geek’ out on.

I am the latter as it helps me to understand why I ‘prescribe’ the way I do and not follow the MSM hysteria on supplementation or even the ‘alternative’ world of nutritional therapy.

Did you know VITAMIN D on its own can be toxic?

Did you know taking VITAMIN K2 with VITAMIN D is not the answer?

Did you know mother nature stops you from overdosing on vitamin D?

Did you know a healthy thyroid is key in ensuring that the vitamin D supplements do not turn into a ‘calcification’ drama?

I can imagine in 50 years time the future generations telling their children ‘did you know grandma and grandpa used to believe that you can put sunshine in a pill? Seriously” Does that sound a ‘bit out there’?

Did you know the HOLY TRINITY is key in metabolizing VITAMIN D?

Did you know that too much VITAMIN D creates hypercalcemia DUE TO THE INNATE WISDOM OF YOUR BODY?

This is known as HERING’S LAW OF CURE’ keeping the vital organs safe by ‘robbing’ the lesser vital organs.

Did you know calcification can look like arteriosclerosis i.e. a version of cardiovascular disease?

I see very high calcium levels in clients who do an HTMA test that are taking VITAMIN D supplements. This calcium being tested is in the tissues, so if you do a blood test it will not show up as high…why? Because THE INNATE WISDOM of your body is so beautiful and wants you to survive and avoid kidney failure or serious heart issues that can shuttle you into ER. So the wisdom of your body which is about life says ‘ok calcium you need to be carted away into the bones, gall bladder, kidneys and blood vessel walls as they are a safer option than a complete collapse situation’.

What can this look like?

– High blood pressure

– Kidney stones

– DENSE but BRITTLE bones

– Gall stones

–  Ganglion cysts

The above is much ‘safer’ than a heart ‘attack’, kidney malfunction, coma .. right? It is the ‘law of cure’ .

So be mindful. Mother nature has a protection mechanism called ‘melanin or sunburn’. Mother nature says ‘ok, human child you have had enough of the sun uv light, now in you go into the shade’ . When you take a vitamin D pill do you tan? Do you get hot and bothered? Do you want to go indoors? Do you get a boost in NITRIC OXIDE? The answer is loud and clear ‘no’. If you do then please send me a post card

This textbook is ‘hard to get’, some would say it is ‘dry’, but the link between vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin K2, thyroid, sunshine is in these good old solid textbooks.

Our newer textbooks are a bit too ‘convenient’ for this 21st-century lifestyle. We cannot put sunshine in a pill…nothing on this earth can replace what MOTHER NATURE has gifted us with.

I have several blogs on the above topic. If you used to sit at your desk working through lunch times in the summer months or ‘not have the time’ to be outdoors ask yourself ‘how can you change this?’

In some countries they use ‘sun lamps’ when babies were born in the winter, even now we know that some people say ‘my psoriasis completely clears up in the sunshine’ but when they take vitamin D it does ‘nada’ for their psoriasis. That is because mother nature cannot be ‘put in a pill’.

Remember the days when the young ones were given a spoon full of cod liver oil? How is it that we are removing ourselves from mother nature and putting our ‘health’ in the hands of these synthetic ‘pills’?

For anyone asking what do I recommend? I recommend food, sunshine, nature, and maybe invest in a sun lamp, if you are not a vegan then look into cod liver oil (holy trinity in one)….history can teach us so much. Minerals are key too such as silica, boron, magnesium. etc More HERE. If you want to know about your TISSUE minerals then check out the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

To health and WELLness


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