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Vitamin D Alert II

Hi everyone,

as promised a follow up from Vitamin D Alert I….what do we require to achieve optimal levels of Vitamin D?


  2. Healthy liver and kidneys

  3. Avoid synthetic isolated minerals and vitamins in supplemental form

  4. Good quality food and water

  5. A healthy gut

  6. Mineral balance (including boron and magnesium)

So for those who just want to know the foods that help raise vitamin D levels including sunshine are basically

  1. Sunshine

  2. Shitake and button mushrooms BUT mushrooms that are dried in the sun for the vegetarians although this may not be enough

  3. Fatty cold-water fish such as sardines, mackerel, herring

  4. Cod liver oil

  5. Eggs

  6. Organ meats

Cereals and grains increase the need for Vitamin D…so well-balanced meals are key. I only recommend certain brands of the oils and the organ meats should be from grass-fed animals.

When taking synthetic Vitamin D some people will feel better for a SHORT period but the symptoms return and may even be different and this is not good news. One can feel like they are on the hamster wheel not getting anywhere with their health. So before parting with your money to purchase supplements check with a qualified practitioner.

So try some of the foods above and get out in the sunshine…it is not easy where we live in England to rely on sunshine on a regular basis BUT there are other options through the winter months.

Keep in mind that the fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and K (what I call the HOLY TRINITY) are all vital for the metabolism and function of Vitamin D. ALL these vitamins are found in foods rich in fat …yes that old chestnut, FAT. So don’t be afraid to eat fat.

Research has shown time and again that Vitamin D helps dampen autoimmune responses and reduce pro-inflammatory hormones (known as cytokines). Vitamin A, along similar lines but different biochemical processes, increases regulatory immune cells (called T cells) that help dampen hypersensitivity reactions. In other words, these two vitamins when balanced regulate immunity preventing auto-immune conditions such as urticaria, arthritis, type I diabetes, psoriasis, pernicious anaemia, Hashimoto’s Disease, Grave’s Disease…etc. Can you imagine what happens when one takes high doses of synthetic Vitamin D? or Vitamin A? It tips the immune system…just picture a seesaw heavy on one side and light on the other…recipe for auto-immunity.

So what else helps?… avoid taking synthetic supplements in isolation..why because minerals and vitamins impact each other…taking one mineral such as calcium will impact magnesium levels, taking magnesium impacts sodium and potassium levels this then impacts whole cascade of other biochemical processes, basically a domino effect. Remember from my previous blog on Vitamin D, that the minerals boron and magnesium are important for Vitamin D also.

As far as minerals try the wholefood root and drink plenty of teas from weeds…yes, weeds such as nettle tea (a firm favourite here), take some epsom salt foot baths for the magnesium or use the spray a will have to play around with magnesium as some people with adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue or any issues related to adrenal health can get worse. I had one client who was taking Epsom salt baths every other day and started to get muscle twitches and anxiety …symptoms that magnesium is ‘supposed’ to alleviate. What happened was that her potassium levels had tanked …this resulted in the new symptoms. Magnesium can deplete potassium, if you are unsure where you sit with your mineral status and may just be taking magnesium or other minerals in isolation, then it may be well worth investing in a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. I use a specific lab, having tried others and results have varied.

So if you have had your vitamin D tested, you want to know the level of the active form which is vitamin D,  1, 25 di-hydroxy Vitamin D3. If it is low try the above…sit in the sun but be wise, eat whole foods not refined foods, drink plenty of water with REAL SALT and don’t wait till you are thirsty (it is 3 hrs too late…but better late than never).  Some people test for 25 hydroxy-vitamin D3, this is the storage form and if this is low and the active form is high it usually is an indication of inflammation. The BEST option is to have the full Vitamin D test done, and a HAIR TISSUE MIENRAL ANALYSIS.

As mentioned in my last blog on Vitamin D a healthy liver and kidneys are also key for Vitamin D metabolism this is covered HERE.

Until then stay happy and catch some rays!


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