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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Hi there,

It is pretty trendy to be doing some sort of a gut healing protocol, whatever your health issues. And this makes so much sense because if you are not digesting, absorbing and assimilating your food then dis-ease is bound to happen sometime or other.

So there are lots of ways and protocols for healing the gut…from

  1. Elimination diets

  2. Bone broth

  3. Glutamine

  4. Essential Fatty Acids

  5. HCL for stomach acid

  6. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

  7. Digestive enzymes

  8. Bile nutrients such taurine, choline, beetroot etc

  9. Probiotics

  10. Fermented foods

The list can be pretty endless depending on what you read, who you see, what you like the sound of.

I want to introduce you to the concept of an ‘antibiotic detox’ as part of the ‘healing’ process by sharing a very simple case. Jemima, age 48yr had already spent  £1200 in supplements and tests before she booked in for a session.  She was suffering from chronic recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI) as well as digestive symptoms from, bloating, excessive gas, belching and night sweats. She was now also beginning to experience joint pains. She had been put on a ‘gut healing’ protocol by her nutritionist and things would get better but then her symptoms would return as soon as she would stop a few supplements or have a little ‘treat’.

Before I continue about Jemima’s case,  let me just tell you a little about the gut. The gut starts in the mouth all the way to the anal end. The gut is connected to EVERY part of your body, not just the brain. A few years back Jemima had taken some antibiotics for her UTI, following the antibiotics, not only did her irritating digestive symptoms start but her hot flushes came back too.

Now the gut is a rich source of bacteria that make up the microbiome, these bacteria are absolutely critical for well-being. The microbiome is also considered to be an endocrine organ, in other words, it produces and secretes every hormone that your body uses. The microbiome is known to produce 90% of the body’s serotonin (the happy molecule)!!!

The microbiome also produces the 3 types of oestrogens; estrodiol, estrone and estriol. These oestrogens differ in their strength, A healthy microbiome will produce more estriol than the other two oestrogens. Estriol does not result in the oestrogen dependent cancers but it has positive benefits of oestrogen such as reducing menopausal symptoms, like hot flushes, vaginal dryness, reducing osteoporosis etc.

There is also the estrobolome, which are a group of enzymes produced by the microbiome in the gut that breakdown oestrogen so you do not end up with an imbalance of oestrogen in the body. In essence the gut bacteria are key for hormonal balance. So it was no surprise that Jemima’s hot flushes all ‘flared up’ as the antibiotics wipe out the beneficial bacteria as well as the not so beneficial ones.

Jemima started her journey on healing her gut, she sought the internet and integrated various supplements had tests done with a practitioner with no real long-term success.

So when she came to see me, it was obvious to her and very clear that all her gut symptoms and hormonal symptoms started after having the antibiotic, Ciprofloxacin.  She had NEVER BEEN WELL SINCE ANTIBIOTICS. She was put on a homeopathic antibiotic detox alongside just some simple food recommendations, no supplements apart from the fermented foods and a homeopathic remedy for her make up called Platina.

She came back 4 weeks later with 90% of her symptoms gone. The remedy Platina was given at the second session at a higher potency and then I only saw her 3 months later (which was 3 weeks ago) when she brought her partner for a session and she had completely recovered, no joint aches, no gut issues, no hot flushes and not a single UTI since the first session.

For more information, feel free to browse this website and/or contact me at

To Health!


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