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Unhappiness In a Bottle

Welcome back everyone! I had a few months break from writing but some how I still managed to keep busy. However, it was about time I got back to writing, so here goes…

In England dare I say ‘we are being ‘summered’. The sun has been gloriously presenting itself in full splendour of late (fingers crossed, long may it last) and my grey matter as well as my bones are loving the burst of vitamin D.

This month I wanted to share my experiences with clients consuming fizzy drinks (be they diet or not). Firstly I wanted to ask you a question, or may be get you to do a little homework to find your own answer. Have you noticed the ‘size’ of people drinking diet drinks? Are they usually slim or more on the larger side? ..Where I live, work and play, I see that those sipping diet drinks tend to be on the larger side. This has come about, due to the very fact that the traditional belief is that ‘reducing calories equates to weight loss’.  If this was the case then why is it that the 30 somethings and more so the 40 somethings and plus who are over weight are unable to shift any more kilograms abusing all sorts of dieting techniques including fasting?

It is due to the years of yo-yo dieting and lack of basic fundamental knowledge that calories DO NOT count BUT the quality of your calories count. I shall repeat that again as I hear ‘repetition is the mother of all learning’ (didn’t get me very far in school but that’s not the point here)… calories DO NOT count BUT the quality of your calories count.

Only 6 weeks ago I saw a 5 year young girl. Her mother was concerned about her weight and the fact that when her daughter goes to a birthday party she just eats and eats …and will only eat the ‘junk food’. We went through her ‘daily eating ‘routine’’ and discovered that her daily food intake lacked fat and decent protein and was very high in carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, potatoes (oooh and those jacket potatoes, one of the dieter’s favourite sugar hits), orange juice, diet coke and diet lemonade. ..Can you hear the ‘alarm bells?’….let me share some well kept secrets…which need to be spread to every living man on earth who values his/her health…ready? Now you can’t keep these ‘secrets’ to yourself…to help spread them use the ‘share’ link at the end of this blog…

  1. Without fat (good fat not the hydrogenated man made synthetic fats) the body’s satiety mechanism does not kick in…so one can continue to eat and eat and feel ‘not full’ but bloated (there is a big difference between the two)

  2. Without protein, we start to meddle with hormonal balance, immune function, mental stability and trigger unhealthy cravings for junk food

  3. With carbohydrates that are mainly refined, we just gain weight and start to lose energy within hours of eating the carbohydrate laden meal as well negatively impacting mental well being (in other words we start to associate such foods with a ‘high’) rather than pure unadulterated enjoyment. Why this happens is linked to the fact that refined carbohydrates get converted to ‘sugar’ very quickly and this gives the body a high …which only lasts a short while…and then comes that wanting MORE and more and more…the vicious cycle has begun at such an early age..this 5 year young child WAS destined to be a unhappy yo-yo dieter ….and from what I have gathered…yo-yo dieting sucks.

The orange juice that was being consumed was from concentrate (and to be honest the mum was shocked to learn that it was not a healthy option)…I suggested switching to water and having juice but NOT from concentrate and diluting it with water.

And what can I say? ….a 5 year old on diet drinks (let alone an adult) that was alarming. What transpired was that this child also suffered from headaches that started at the same time as starting the diet drinks. Avoid diet drinks at all cost, the artificial sweeteners are known to have toxic effects on the body but they can be addictive and addictions rob people of true happiness. Why would a 5 year old child be robbed of her happiness due to a Western made toxic beverage? ..An addiction due to a shocking trauma is something else but an addiction due to a man made synthetic product (that is cheaper than bottled water may I hasten to add)…now that is what I call ‘unhappiness in a bottle’.

This child’s mother managed to implement all the above advise, all diet drinks were banished and more wholesome carbohydrates were integrated into their daily life along with good fats and protein. The other important lifestyle change recommended was for the child to get more physical (not necessarily by joining organized sports activities) by going for walks, cycling, scootering, playing out doors with friends…in other words something she would enjoy. Presently she was a TV junky with not much else going on for her muscles and mind.

Of course as you can imagine she came back 4 weeks later much happier and vibrant …and not to mention her headaches cleared and cravings for ‘junk foods’ subsided.

This may all sound ‘too good to be true’ kind of case, but why not try it out yourself? …After all you have nothing to lose (well actually you do, you may lose some weight…so be warned you may shed!) ..and get back to me.

Whoops, I did not intend to share so much from one case but hopefully it has inspired you in some way.

To happiness from within! …


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